A proactive new gen directors for JMC Paper Tech

JMC Paper tech Pvt. Ltd., leading manufacturer and exporter of Pulp & Paper mill machinery. Keen expert in applying state-of-the-art technology to provide cost effective custom designed-solutions to fulfill need of customers. 

An exclusive interview from Mr. Sneh Patel, COO and Dr. Yesha Patel, CEO of JMC Paper Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Paper Desk : Congrats & warm welcome to our industry and how do you see the industry?
Sneh Patel : The Indian Paper & Pulp industry is impressive. The turnout at Paperex and the number of companies and stalls that are in attendance has been great to see. The Indian market has a lot of room to grow in comparison to the European and North/South American market and after talking to many people/companies we believe that the industry is headed in the right direction with lots of potential for growth in the coming years.

Paper Desk : How is the Paperex expo response this year?
Yesha Patel : The response has been great. We have met a lot of people from lots of different companies and everyone is super welcoming and supportive about our new roles. JMC has had a lot of good response from current customers and potential customers in regards to new projects. We have seen a lot of interest in our new innovations such as the steel drying cylinder and integrated pulp mill.

PD : What is the reason for you to join your own company, especially in Paperex?
SP : The continued success of JMC and the dedicated and hard work of our Dad, all Executives, and every other individual who is a member of JMC. This is a family run company and all of these people are our family. My Dad has worked hard to make every member of this company feel like a part of the family. So to answer your question we decided to join the company because the JMC family inspired us to continue their legacy with the next generation and more to come. Our purpose in joining Paperex was to introduce the next generation of JMC, which includes me, Sneh, and Milind, to the Indian Pulp & Paper Machine market and get familiar with the industry.

PD : How do you want your customers to look at your organization JMC?
YP : We pride ourselves on being a one stop solution with the utmost reliability and integrity, that provides services ranging from designing, developing, and deploying the machinery at client locations. Also, customers should view JMC not as an organization but as a family as JMC is and will always be a family-built and family-run company.

PD : Any plan for new technology or upgradation on your current paper machines?
SP : JMC’s goal is to ensure that our customers get the newest technology. Therefore the next steps that JMC will take will be toward utilizing Artificial Intelligence. One of the most significant upgrades that we have made to our current paper machines is the introduction of Steel Dryers.

PD: What will be your marketing strategy to serve customers pan India?
YP : We pride ourselves on having a diverse portfolio that allows us to serve customers not only across India but the globe. Through advertisements on social media and mainstream media, we can better market the vision of JMC. Many customers have relayed that they can see JMC’s passion, dedication, and hard-work through our extensive social media presence.

PD : Do you think that JMC requires a new set of benchmarks to compete with industry’s major players of your kind?
SP : At JMC we believe that there is always room for improvement and growth so we are always looking for new set of benchmarks and innovations that can help us achieve our goals. With our increasing exposure and access to the North/South American market we are planning to implement stricter safety guidelines and introduce more automation and artificial intelligence to our products to enhance quality measures and reduce human error. Our recent new innovations such as our Steel Drying Cylinder and Integrated Pulp Mill are allowing us to move in the right direction and continue to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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