Abirami Engineering Company : We have more than 600 models of pump to handle all kind of liquids

An exclusive interview from Mr. Gurukrishna, Chief Marketing Officer of Abirami Engineering Company 

ABIRAMI ENGINEERING COMPANY is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial pumps, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. They have 100% qualified technical team with more than 21 years field experience and servicing more than 500 customers with wide product range.

Paper Desk : May we know about your company and its operations in India?
Gurukrishna : ABIRAMI ENGINEERING COMPANY is in the field of pump manufacturing for more than two decades. We will be celebrating our silver jubilee year in the year 2024. We manufacture centrifugal pumps for water, chemical, pulp stock, cement slurry, petrochemicals etc., The pumps are marketed in the brand name of “ABIRAMI PUMPS”. ABIRAMI PUMPS is having a complete infrastructure duly supported by qualified technical experts for design, material handling, process, manufacturing, quality assurance, testing, finishing, pre-dispatch activities and for service after sales.

PD : What is your company’s business tradition?
GK : Service and technical support are the tradition of ABIRAMI PUMPS which complement the market portfolio. Today, this expertise reflects in a service portfolio with innovative solutions and advanced products that can be optimally adopted to the respective customer needs. In addition to maintenance, ABIRAMI specializes in the after sales support for pumps to achieve improved efficiencies and adaptations to changed operating points of the installed pumps.

A large potential for savings can already be achieved by improving the efficiency of the pumps and systems. It is a desire of the company to have a close interaction with the end user during pre sales, service after sales to a best knowledge sharing about the process conditions, best pump selection, improved pumping operation, efficiency improvements and smooth maintenance.

PD : Do you have any newly designed pumps for your customers?
GK : Pumps are one the most important energy conserving equipment in any process industry. It also plays the major role in power consumption. We ABIRAMI PUMPS are experts in power management on pumps and its systems. Updating the latest technology and innovating the new design is always there with us. Recently we have developed a new model double volute end suction back pull out type with energy efficient process pump which can handle up to 7000m3 capacity with 50 mtrs head. We are proud to say this model is the biggest in the industry.

We ABIRAMI PUMPS always working on reducing the power cost for pumps by improving the efficiency of the pump, and selecting right pumps for right area. We have more than 600 models of pumps for various duty parameters. More importantly all our centrifugal pumps are coming under 7 rotor assemblies only, which helps the end user to reduce the inventory cost. ABIRAMI developed a special type staggered vane impellers for low pulsation applications which is first time in the industry. Now the fan pumps can be operated with wide operating range with out loosing the minimum head requirements.

PD : What about your other new development of Hydraulic sealing system?
GK : ABIRAMI developed an advance sealing system for pumps which is called Hydraulic Sealing System, alternate to conventional Gland packing system. During operation 20 to 25% of the liquid enters stuffing box area. To arrest the leakage normally Gland packing system is compiled. But the Gland packing system will have continuous leakage on the shaft sleeve if Gland packing are damaged. Alternate sealing system is mechanical seal which required external sealing liquid for cooling and also very expensive.

ABIRAMI’s Hydraulic Sealing System consist of expeller mounted back to the impeller on other direction when the pump starts expeller creates positive pressure and doesn’t allow the liquid entry to the stuffing box. During pump operation the leakage will be nil. However when the pumps is stopped to arrest the static leakage, Gland packing stuffing box also provided. It is an inbuilt seal, no special maintenance are required.

PD : What is the design concept of your centrifugal pumps?
GK : All our centrifugal pumps are designed with heavy duty triple bearing system, which protects the axial and radial thrust and helps for smooth rotation of pumps. We have developed triple locking system for the impellers to ensure no damage for the impellers due to heavy back pressure. ABIRAMI PUMPS are the ideal process pumps for the pulp production, recycled fibre preparation or kraft paper making as well as in the chemical, ETP, cement slurry, food industry, iron and steel, sugar industry, water supply, mining industry and waste water treatment.

PD : What is the specialty of Abirami Pumps?
GK : Below are few of our specialties.

  • New aged energy efficient pumps for efficient & productive operation.
  • Complete range of centrifugal pumps to cover all applications in the industry.
  • Heavy duty triple bearing design for trouble free operation.
  • Impeller triple locking system ensures no damage for impeller due to back pressure.
  • High mechanical reliability.
  • Improved metallurgy
  • Environment friendly
  • Maintenance free & noise free
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Low maintenance with best inter changeability
  • Economic pricing with shortest delivery period
  • Energy audit undertaken for pumps
  • Prompt service back up
  • Continuous improvement without affecting fixing dimensions for an efficient operation

Abirami strive to Manufacture the Pumps & Parts to the entire quality satisfaction in all respect through the members involved in the manufacturing process within the shop floor to ensure 100% customer Satisfaction.

“APP type pumps are especitially designed to handling pulp stock up to 7% without applying correction factor for head & efficiency”

PD : Abirami Pumps are exported to other countries?
GK : ABIRAMI PUMPS, are exporting successfully to more than 20 countries around the world. Because of it’s best efficiency, high mechanical reliability, improved metallurgy, maintenance free with best inter changeability of parts, life cycle, and economic pricing with shortest delivery period. Top-quality and high-efficiency products as well as an understanding of different customer requirements have made ABIRAMI a preferred partner for pumping solutions all over the world.

PD : What are your geographical marketing plans?
GK : We currently have a network of international sales teams in Bangladesh, Dubai, Egypt, Srilanka, Myanmar, Lebanon, and in The US to market our products. We intend to penetrate new geographical markets by expanding our presence in African, and Australian continent. Also penetrating new markets in Vietnam, Kenya, Eastern Europe and South America by setting up sales team close to potential customers in these places. All the company members mind and hands are in one direction which is 100% customer satisfaction in ABIRAMI’s product and service. A long satisfied customer list yields us a new customer regularly.

PD : What are your future business plans?
GK : We plan to invest in more advanced technology to enhance our production process. Through upgrading our existing production, research latest high technology machineries and development facilities, we believe that we would be able to keep abreast of industry trends and meet the evolving demands of our customers. We plan to invest in information technology and management information systems to better manage our manufacturing processes and to improve the procurement of raw materials and the utilization of resources for our business.

PD : What is your expansion plan to other industries?
GK : We plan to strengthen our market position by building relationships with existing customers, new product development, participating in exhibitions and publishing advertisements in trade publications. We also intend to extend our products to prospective customers in other industries through marketing efforts such as the development of sales channels through the appointment of sales agents.

“60 models in type APP ensures the pump section of any duty parameter within the operating range nearest to the best efficiency point”

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