Bellmer to supply TurboPress and 2 TurboCalender for NR Agarwal Industries, India

NR Agarwal Industries Limited manufactures high-quality paper products. Founded in 1993, the company is a pioneer in the use of 100% wood-free, recycled paper.

NR Agarwal Industries Limited serves both domestic and international markets and is considered one of India’s leading manufacturers of paper and packaging board. The company is headquartered in Mumbai; its manufacturing facilities are located in Vapi and Sarigam, Gujarat.

Today, NR Agarwal Industries Limited has a total production capacity of 354,000 TPA of paper serving Indian customers.A new board machine with a speed of 371 – 650 m/min is being installed in Sarigam plant to increase overall production and to achieve the highest FBB and WLC quality.

A TurboPress and 2 TurboCalanders from Bellmer will also contribute to this. The TurboPress shoe press will be a stand-alone unit. The TurboCalanders are designed as HardNip and SoftNip versions.

Deliveries will take place in the middle of the second quarter; installation is scheduled for August.

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