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Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd : Providing value added products to the Customers

Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd (SKPMIL) has a proud past and a promising future. The Company belongs to Pasari Group, a well known name in Manufacturing, Marketing & Trading of paper in India.

An exclusive interview from Mr. Naynesh Pasari, Managing Director of Shree Krishna Paper Mills & Industries Ltd

Please explain about your company and its operations in India
A : Our Company, M/s. Shree Krishna Paper Mills & amp; Industries Ltd was incorporated in the year 1974.
We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of different varieties of Paper in Northern
India and our manufacturing facility is situated at : Keshwana, Dist. Jaipur, Rajasthan State.

What are all your basic & premium products for current market?
A : Our current products mix comprises Writing & amp; Printing Paper, Newsprint, Color Kraft Paper, Color Printing Paper, Thermal Sensitive Paper, Kraft Paper for Carry Bags, Décor Paper (Print Base), Grease Proof Paper, Construction Paper etc. We manufacture and supply our products under the Brand Name of “Silver Cote”.

How your company or/and products are benefiting your customers?
A : We manufacture our products as per our Customers’ requirements in terms of quality, GSM, size etc. Our products are being purchased by different Customers/Consumers all over India of different segments like printing & publishing sector, carry bags manufacturing sector, online technology segments, including Print media for their printing & publishing business and also making value added products.

What is your recent/new product launch?
A : Kraft Paper for Carry Bags (Food Grade), Grease Proof Paper (Food Grade), Décor Paper (Print Base), Construction Paper are our new products. Our carry bag is used by KFC (UK) through various approved converters in India and exported to the UK, which has been a result of extensive R&D and consistent quality supply.

Q : What are all the innovations/advantages of your products?
A : Our products have been developed considering the need of our customers/clientele to get better printability, finishing, runnability on most modern offset/multi-color printing machines.

Q : What is your future target on market shares/business expansions/anything related?
A : Besides the existing segments, we are trying to reach out to various other segments to cater with their specific requirements to increase our market share and expand our business, including export market.

Q : What are your challenges in Indian Market?
A : Market is changing day-by-day and the customers are very quality conscious now-a-day. We have to understand the specific needs of our customers to cater with their specific requirements considering their exact quality & quantity requirements, balanced and competitive prices, committed delivery schedule, timely after sale service etc to keep them with us on long term basis.

Q : What are your other markets?
A : Besides domestic market, we concentrate on export market also particularly, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Africa etc.

Q : How is your market in India & its growth?
A : Due to Covid- 19 pandemic and unprecedented global situation, the paper industry in India is also going through a gloomy situation, which has affected the production and sale of our products adversely.  However, we hope that year 2021 will bring more business opportunities for our products, domestic as well as in export markets and lead us to growth path.

Q : Tell us about features of your production facilities.
A : The combined production capacity of Coating Plant & Paper Plant at our Keshwana Unit is 52,000 MT per year. We adapt and follow modern technology to manufacture our different products. Our machineries are imported from U.S.A.

Q : What is your mission & vision?
A : To continue providing value added products to the customers at the lowest possible prices.

Q : What is your long time goal in the Industry?
A : We aspire to become a renowned manufacturer for our products globally and get approval at various other Fast food chains other than KFC (UK) in Europe and other parts of the world.

Q : What is your company’s culture & values given to your employees?
A : We provide a very independent and holistic culture to our employees. Average age of the years of service in our company by our employee is 7-8 years. We are very honored to have our employees stand with us during all phases of our journey.

Q : What is your contribution to the society?
A : We have built a check dam at our factory for rain water harvesting which was inaugurated by the commission of the police and local authorities.

Q : Is there any special quality certifications and achievements?
A : Our products are FSC-Coc-Certified products. We have got BIS License for our Maplitho Paper and we have go FDA Compliance Certificate for our Food Grade Products from GMS Certification, an U.K Based Certification Body.

Q : Any awards / Appreciations for your products & company from any govt. / private institutions?
A : We supply our products to our Customers, especially Government institutions, only after getting quality approval from them. We treat the repeated orders being received from our regular customers as awards for our quality products and better services.

Q : Future business plans?
A : We are spending a large sum of money on R&D which we feel is the future of any company post the pandemic. We aspire to be a prominent player in the Décor paper market and the packaging grades such as Carry bags.

Q : Do your company have any voluntary associations / trusts to help public?
A : Our management is active and part of Round table India and Rotary, both these associations are working for a social cause and have actively supported public service at large with their initiatives.

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