Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Ltd : The motto when dealing with our diverse business activities is to ‘think global and act local’.

An exclusive interview from Mr. Narayan Inani, Executive Director of Dhanroto.

Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Ltd., a family-owned enterprise, promoted by the Inani family of Hyderabad, India, was established in 1986. In the year 2000-01, the company diversified into international trade and established itself as a leading trade house of Wood Pulp and Paper.

Paper Desk : Could you explain about DhanRoto and its business in India?

Narayan Inani : DhanRoto is a listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange and is passionately managed and run by the Inani family. We cater to all the wood pulp and paper needs across the Indian subcontinent and aim at becoming the most valuable partner of our suppliers and customers. Our company is a specialist in providing customized services in sourcing the right product, at the right time, and at the right price globally. Moreover, we provide warehousing, logistics, and financial support to our customers in accordance with their needs and requirements.

Established in 1986 as a manufacturer of cotton and cotton yarn. Got listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1995 and also diversified into trading of Agro Commodities. In 2000, With the new generation entering the family business, the company diversified into international trade.

An ideal supply chain set up with integrated procurement, warehousing, distribution and financing facilities for our customers. Today, with the support of our channel partners, we trade almost 30000 MT of Pulp and 5000 MT of Paper every year.

PD : What is your company’s vision & mission?

NI : “Our Mission is to provide the best customer service with utmost value for money, create values for our customers, employees, community and other stakeholders.”

“Our Vision is to be one of the most trusted corporates globally with our core philosophy of Trust, Transparency & best Client services”.

PD : What do you offer for Pulp & Paper Industry?

NI : We deal in all grades of wood pulp & mechanical pulp such as Bleached Hardwood kraft pulp, Unbleached softwood kraft pulp, Bleached softwood pulp, Fluff pulp, Dissolving pulp, BCTMP etc. We have tie ups with the world’s best pulp making facilities like April Fine, Sappi and Maryiisk to name a few.

PD : What about DhanRoto’s Bleached Harwood Pulps and is it regularly available with your company?

NI : We offer bleached hardwood pulp from April international, Indonesia, who are the leading producer of this pulp grade in the world. We have been associated with April group for almost over two decades as their channel partners.

PD : Do you supply Bagasse Pulp and what are you currently source it from?

NI : Yes, we do supply bagasse pulp. We source it from Thailand & Israel.

PD : Please do let us know about your Pulp Wrappers and its advantages

NI : Pulp wrappers are pulp substitutes and are a collected commodity. These are upper covers which are meant for protection of pulp bales. It is cheaper in price than prime grades and is used by smaller paper mills. However, its availability is very limited as it is not a produce commodity.

PD : What kind of special grades of pulp you can supply to the Industry?

NI : Some of the speciality grades we supply are Dissolving pulp, Fluff pulp, Unbleached low kappa pulp. Their application is in very specialized industries.

PD : Do you supply all kind of papers such as kraft & art papers?

NI : Yes, we are into supplies of C1S, C2S, bleached kraft, sack kraft, unbleached virgin kraft, bag kraft, SCK and CCK release paper,SBS and KLB among many other grades.

PD : What kind of challenges you face in Indian Market?

NI : Challenges are a part of any business. We had faced a lot of challenges with sudden surge in pulp prices, shipping issues & supply side disruption among others. However, with our long term experience and expertise in this field, we were able to mitigate these challenges to a large extent. With the strong infrastructure of warehouses and brilliant team that we have, we could manage these hurdles and give the best solutions to our customers. We ensured that none of our clients suffered any production loss due to raw material shortages.

PD : What’s Dhanroto’s aim or goal in the Industry?

NI : DhanRoto aims to be the number one solution provider & the most reliable partner in the country across all segments of wood pulp. Be it sourcing, indenting, warehousing, just in time delivery or financing, we aim to be a one stop shop for all the needs of wood pulp by providing value for money and utmost customer satisfaction.

PD : Do you have your own lab to assure the quality parameters?

NI : Yes, we are tied up with IICT for all testing parameters. They have the best testing facility in the country.

PD : What is the reason for diversifying your company into Pulp & Paper trading business from yarns?

NI : We are a family managed business group and our group is into different verticals of commerce and industry. We are into business since eight generations with long association with different corporate entities. We found that there is a huge scope of business in Wood pulp and paper and that none of the other companies in the industry were able to provide services what we are providing. Hence, this vertical was identified as a good area of business.

PD : How does your company contribute to CSR activities?

NI : “Since decades, with our unending contribution towards the welfare of society, we’ve got where we are today.” Following, promoting and pushing for ethical labor practices across the industry, providing multiple choultires and resting places to travelers for free, setting up educational institutions to help and assist the creative potentials of students, promoting the success of diversified employees across our organization and setting up Primary Healthcare Centers villages to provide affordable and efficient healthcare are some of the activities that we humbly try and contribute to.We also provide grants and scholarships along with general donations for the betterment of the society.

PD: How do look at the future of Indian Paper Industry?

NI : The Paper industry in India has a great future. The education and packaging sector is booming. Due to ban on single use plastics, these segments will be replaced by paper. The coming period will be a golden era for paper industry.

PD : What is your idea about sustainability of the paper industry?

NI : Factors such as boom in e-commerce sales, ban in single plastic usage, food industry opting for hygienic and food grade packaging post covid and the introduction of new syllabus in the education sector will contribute to the robust demand in the industry in the coming future.

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