KEERTHI PUMPS : Our continued focus on expertise performance and after sales service is the foundation of our success.

Interview with Mr.C.Kandasamy, CEO of Keerthi Pumps

Paper DESK: May we know about Keerthi Pumps?

Kandasamy : KEERTHI PUMPS is the leading Industrial pump manufacturer and exporters from Coimbatore, India, which are being used in a variety of markets and applications throughout the world.

Keerthi pumps entire gamut caters to wide spectrum of domestic and globally the specific needs of industrial with more than 350 models in our industrial pumps portfolio, encompasses Standard centrifugal End Suction Pump, Pulp and Paper stock pumps (up to 6 % consistency), Chemical Process pumps, ANSI Chemical pumps, De=watering pumps, Vertical sump pumps, Axial flow pumps, Mixed flow pumps, Split Casing pumps etc., since 2000 .

We cater our pumps to almost all paper industries throughout India. KEERTHI pumps successfully running in Sirpur Paper, Emami, Ruchitra Venkraft, Khanna paper including TNPL etc., and Chemical Process pumps to various CETP plants in the states of India.

Keerthi pumps is well known as an acknowledged leader for continuous research and development of industrial pumping solutions with hi- tech Engineering technology to ensure matchless performance for greater quality and life for customer delight.

Keerthi pumps proudly put out that we cast materials in our own foundry with the capacity of 3000 T / annum with highly efficient Induction furnace.

Specific to the requirements of all industrial sectors such as

  • Paper and pulp stock, sugar industry, Food & beverages processing industry
  • Firefighting, cooling towers & heat exchanger systems
  • Heating and air conditioning plants textile industry & jet dyeing
  • Petrochemicals, oil and gas , Refineries , fertilizer & agro chemicals industry
  • Leather industry, paint industry, energy & thermal power plant
  • Organic chemical industry, chemical process industries
  • Public water supply and canal lift irrigation, Thermic fluids
  • Water & wastewater treatment industry CETP & STP, de=watering
  • Mining, minerals , M – sand ,marine & shipping industry
  • Steel, copper & zinc plants, cement plants marble, granite & ceramics industry

Our continued focus on expertise performance and after sales service is the foundation of our success. Our pumps are known for consistent, quality and performance that outlasts competitors.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

KS : Vision Mission – Values. To be the recognized leader of Industrial fluids managements system and solution & technologies providing best – in – class to domestic and global markets. To be the pioneer manufacturer of Industrial pumping solution across the world of markets, we will achieve this through our dedicated efforts to enhance the welfare of all our end users and distributors by offering of excellent quality, design, Innovation utmost performance and prompt customer service.

PD : What do you offer to pulp & paper industry?

KS : With in- house engineering, proto- type designing & testing, manufacturing and our pump testing facilities we ensure that the best in industrial Pump needs. We specialize in Paper stock pumping, Chemical Process and De-watering solution and many more industrial fluids solutions. We supply our range of pumps that are at most perfect and meet the international quality in terms of functionality. We also provide comprehensive solution and services that have been well appreciated. KEERTHI Pumps has made its presence felt nationally in all Industries handling Fluids like, Paper and Pulp stock, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Dyes and Intermediates, Textiles etc. The trust has been generated because of i ts World class Quality, Quick Delivery and Cost Effectiveness.

PD : What is the specialty of your HSC Pumps?

KS : The KEERTHI K- HSC pump is a centrifugal double suction electro- pump with a single stage, horizontally split case and radial flanged design. The K- HSC pump has cast iron casing ( ductile iron on high pressure models) and stainless steel impeller standard. K- HSC pumps are equipped with interchangeable mechanical seals, Premium efficiency motors, and base plates for added support. Easily adjustable ANSI/ OSHA compliance coupling guards are also included standard. K- HSC pumps are designed for ease of serviceability. The horizontal split- case design allows the entire rotating assembly to be removed simultaneously after removing the upper casing. Additionally, mechanical seal and bearing service can be performed without removing the upper casing of the pump. Both of these features permit pump maintenance without removing attached piping.

PD : How do you assure on your KSR Slurry pumps which have up to 7 % consistency?

KS : KEERTHI Pumps are widely used in various industries like Pulp and Paper mills, water treatment plants, sewage plants, desalination plants, chemical plants, and much more. As we Know the pumping of stock is one of the most crucial operations in Paper and Pulp Industry.All the corresponding processing stages in the paper industry indispensably involve the use of water and other chemical sand fluids at various levels for distinct applications. With decades of expertise and comprehensive product range of Keerthi pumps is well- equipped to handling of the inevitable for managing and transfer of these liquids. Stock pumping solutions are traditionally divided into low consistency [0 – 6 %] range and medium consistency [6 – 10 %] and high consistency (above 10 %).

PD : What is your designing concept about focus on facilitating modular type replacement of components / equipment to ensure zero down time?

KS : Our Design is Highly interchangeable design and Cost effective with More life span so we ensured our products would be zero down time for our end users.

PD : How best are your facilities?

KS : Machinery – Our technological edge and decades of experience have afforded us a strong position in global market. We will continue to harness that advantage as we expand our portfolio of specialized pumping solutions. we are equipped with a captive steel foundry that has a capacity of 450 mt/ month. We only use castings made in our own foundry. We have a spectrovac and alloying machinery that is adjusted to stringent metallurgical specifications to ensure precise chemical composition of the materials.

KEERTHI pumps has achieved the prestigious International quality certification ISO 9001: 2015 and have incorporated the quality measures required in the manufacturing plant.Continuous and stringent inspections are undertaken at each and every stage of production as per the quality guidelines methodically so that the shipped products meet the highest quality standards in the industry. As industrial pump manufacturers, we focus on quality and reliability support by efficient and timely after- sales service. Our wide range of pumps are known for its low consumption of power, high efficiency and reliability. Our industrial pumps confirms to the listed industrial standards ISO, BIS, ASTM, ANSI, DIN, IS 1940 – G6.3.

PD : Please explain us about your R&D team

KS : A strong R&D base, modern state- of- art manufacturing facilities, emphasis on quality competent work force and strong ethical business policies, we have garnered a large customer base over the period of time. As a result,” KEERTHI Pumps” name has been well associated by our customer with high quality, reliability, timely delivery& highly competitive pricing. Today, KEERTHI pump is the most trusted name in the industrial Fluids handling sectors. 

PD : Challenges you face in Indian Market?

KS : Our innovative solutions, Premium Hydraulic Efficient products and individual services move Industrial Pumping solution in an Efficient, Reliable and Innovate to our End users and clientele. Our customer satisfaction level is always continuing to grow as they spread word about how great their experience with us. After Covid-19 the cost of Raw material cost and availability of steels and Labor cost is a major challenge for all industries and we focusing on premium quality pumps and higher efficiency to reduce the powers and cost of products.

PD : What are your other markets?

KS : ISO 9001 certified factory within house designed foundry which makes it a unique pumps manufacturing company producing more than 5000 variety of water pumps & Motor. In today’s competitive market, it is important to have our products innovative. That can only happen with the expertise of a team that understands what they are working on. We understand the diverse needs of the dynamic industries we cater to, our products are highly customizable. We focusing on paper mills and other chemical industries and globally 6 countries we exporting our Products. And Focusing on Govt water projects and New products towards Slurry and Mines related products.

PD : May we know the merits of your products?

KS : The merits are

• Highly pump efficiency – Extremely high efficiency rate of 80 %. Thus relatively smaller driver required, reduced energy consumption and efficiency pump design and high reliability result in lower operating cost

• Trouble free operation – Semi- open impeller permit free passage of solids, thus guarantees clog free operation.

• Over-sized shafts and reduction of the overhang reduces shaft deflection to a minimum. This eliminates shaft failures and increases seal and bearing life.

• For ease of maintenance, the entire rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing the casing or suction and discharge piping (Back pull- out design).Large access holes with contoured covers give easy access to the impeller.

• Larger mixed flow pumps in sewage systems have specially designed impellers with large ball passages. The replaceable wear rings carry solid matter away from the working face, thus reducing wear and eliminating clogging and jamming.

• Simple disassembly and assembly – Impeller can be easily inspected without removing driver. Simple to disassemble and assemble

• Easy replacement of gland packing without disassembling of pump casing.

• Sealing water from outside is not required.

• Large capacity – Unique pump design ensures pumping large volume of water. Perfect for irrigation&

flood control.

• Power consumption is constant over all capacity range and driver will not be overload at larger capacity points.

• Special stand bearing is not required for Belt driven over large capacity- head range.

• Low NPSH values

• High suction l i f t

• Low operating costs by appropriated material selections to the demanding water qualities. This includes the optional selection of duplex stainless steels.

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