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Körber Business Area Tissue presents a new folding head, capable of modifying the cut off of the product.

Körber Business Area Tissue is introducing to the market MTC ITF Change, the first solution capable of modifying the cut off of the product. By replacing a single cassette it is possible to change the cut format in a simple, fast, and automated way without compromising the quality of the finished product.

MTC ITF Change is the ideal solution for companies that need to develop interfolded sheets of different lengths without losing OEE.

Patented by Körber Business Area Tissue, the MTC ITF Change has only two folding rolls, which the cutting function is incorporated into.

The cassette can be replaced automatically with a few manual operations without the intervention of a specialized operator.

The preparation of the cassette with a different format takes place in advance in the warehouse, outside the machine, and the replacement occurs with a few simple manual operations that do not require the intervention of a skilled worker. The adjustment of the new product with the help of Körber’s Sam systems is completely automated. The MTC Sam reel system reads the characteristics of the parent reel and sends the data to the production line which automatically adapts the operating parameters through dedicated software.

The right vacuum level is self-adjusted with MTC Sam vacuum, and thanks to MTC Sam cut system the operator is no longer responsible for verifying that the cutting blade is in optimal conditions. If the system detects a quality problem it will send a warning directly via HMI, thereby preventing any product defects, interruptions, or line stoppages.

Another advantage is that the maintenance of MTC ITF Change is performed offline, offering greater convenience for the operator who does not have to intervene inside the machine, allowing a significant reduction in production downtime

“The fold market is constantly evolving according to market trends. Over the years, customers have increasingly expressed the need to be able to customize their offer. To meet this need, and thanks to the experience gained in the interleaved sector, we decided to develop a flexible solution capable of automatically changing the cutting length based on the desired characteristics. The innovative technology created for the fold market will allow our customers to further expand their business “comments Giovacchino Giurlani, Managing Director of Körber Business Area Tissue’s fold division.

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