Krofta Engineering : World leader in the field of water treatment

Krofta Engineering : World leader in this field having more than 1200 installations running successfully all over the world.

Exclusive interview with Mr. Raghvendra Khaitan, Managing Director

Paper Desk : May we know about Krofta Engineering ?

Raghvendra Khaitan : Krofta is engaged in the business of fibre recovery, sludge handling and water reuse in paper mills. With today’s need of water reuse and recycle, a paper mill has options available to implement these practices with our technologies. 

We also introduce ourselves as one of the leading supplier of waste water treatment equipment and also provide complete water management solutions, having supplied more than 1200 systems for effluent and waste water applications. We have been in the wastewater treatment business since 1983. We market, design and manufacture one of the broadest ranges of equipment for this sector, providing end-to-end solutions for our customer’s water and wastewater treatment requirements.

PD : What is your company’s principles?

RK : Our mission is to provide world class technologies to allow paper mills the flexibility to reuse and recycle their water.

Our principles are to keep on continuing the legacy of our founders and inculcate a sense of belonging to our team members

PD : What products do you offer to the paper industry?

RK : Krofta has a range of products and their applicability is all dependent on the water parameters. So there is nothing such as basic or premium. All our products find space in the water industry.

PD : Could you let us know the merits of your products?

RK : Krofta products all lead to helping in water reuse and recycle and sludge handling. These issues are prevalent in all industries today and not only paper.

Krofta equipments have full technical compliance and features which benefit the industry

PD : What is Krofta supercell & how is it helping your customers?

RK : The supercell is one of the oldest workhorses of krofta platform and still very stable machine and widely used even today for recovery of fibre and oil water separation.

PD : What is advanced DAF Technology & could you tell us more about this?

RK : The krofta megacell is the advanced DAF technology which allows space saving, lower power cost, low civil cost, lower transportation thus allowing to a lower project cost for the client

PD : Could you explain about your recent launch of Belt filter press?

RK : Krofta has recently launched a triple wire belt press to handle higher sludge volumes. Sludge handling is going to be a major operation in the coming years. The main advantage of our triple wire belt press is low drive motor kw compared to decanters and the ability to handle low consistency of sludge.

PD : What are your other markets?

RK : Besides paper, we have a good customer base in other sectors like steel, textile, automobiles etc. Our plan for expansion is to grow in those markets wherever water is a stressed commodity. Our goal is to keep on improving our quality product and continue innovating newer machines that can be incorporated in the paper industry.

PD : Challenges you face in the Market?

RK : The paper industry offers huge opportunities and we are constantly trying to meet up to their requirements.

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