Our vision is to set new benchmarks : Silverton Pulp & Papers

Silverton Pulp & Papers : Our vision is to set new benchmarks to provide the best value to all dealers and consumers through excellence in product quality and service.

An exclusive interview from Mr. Akshay Jain, Director of Silverton Pulp & Papers Pvt. Ltd.,

Silverton Pulp & Papers Pvt Ltd. is a rapidly growing concern of Paper Industries Group. The Group holds a diversified portfolio in manufacturing the great standard of products like Writing Printing Paper and Packaging Grade Paper. We also supply high grade quality of Kraft papers along with the writing and printing papers in that segment.

Paper Desk : Could you let us know the history & growth of Silverton Pulp and Papers in India?

Akshay Jain : Silverton started its commercial production from year 2004 with the small capacity of 40 tpd of recycle grade writing printing later on which was converted into 250 ton high bf kraft machine in the year 2011.

Silverton was the first machine in north india to put size press in kraft paper and now it was a revolution in kraft industry, Later in year 2018 we started new high speed line of speciality paper for manufacturing writing printing grades and other speciality products with double stage deinking line, double bleaching and double dispersion fully controlled by dcs and qcs system installed by valmet.

Last year we touched an annual turnover of more than 600 crores and continuously targeting new highs.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision for Indian market?

AJ : Our companies vision for Indian market is provide world class paper at par with international standards, As our logo also says We Create Paper to your needs. We design paper as per requirement of our customers so that they can fetch max value out of it also at the same time company takes care of all the employees dedicated working for the growth of company and are strong pillars of the company. Each and every person either directly or indirectly working with the company is the core strength of silverton.

PD : How do you derive your company’s fundamental business philosophy?

AJ : Our fundamental business policy is to create wealth by using least raw material and making best paper by using latest technology equipments with maximum efficiency and deliver best products and services to our esteem customers.

PD : What kind of papers do you manufacture ?

AJ : We manufacture various kind of papers as below.

  • Premium Grades of writing printing paper
  • Copier Paper
  • Paper for carry bags both bleach and unbleach
  • Paper for ecommerce bags
  • Cup stock and wedding card base paper
  • High bright news print
  • High BF kraft paper mainly 22-45 BF
  • White kraft liners

PD : How are your printing & writing papers superior in quality than others?

AJ : Our paper is best in its class as we make only surface sized paper with high bulk and high strength with max accuracy in GSM for kraft paper our paper is having high RCT values required for making good packaging container. We are also manufacturing products from virgin pulp because of which top surface is very clean and strength is very high. Our products are odourless and eco friendly. Our company is FSC certified and ISO approved.

PD : What is the idea behind in manufacturing of eco-friendly copier papers and how is the market now for these products?

AJ : Our company wants to contribute to the society by giving more than what it is taking in the shape of

  • Recycling to avoid cutting of trees and reducing carbon foot prints
  • Not using chlorine for bleaching
  • Minimum usage of fresh water per ton of paper
  • Also Indian market is price sensitive so we are also very competitive in prices.

PD : Eco-friendly kraft papers are manufactured only to craft & decorative industry or it is supplied to other commercial industries too?

AJ : Eco friendly Kraft paper is mainly used for packaging now a days even paper cups are being manufactured from kraft paper and other cutleries also. Kraft paper is coming as perfect solution against single use plastic and it can be a big game changer for our coming generations when we talk about eco friendliness.

PD : What are your new technologies such as fibre fractionation and sizing technology for maintaining quality consistency?

AJ : We have all the latest technology available with us either it is surface sizing, fibre fractionation, double loop deinking, double dispersion or when we talk about automation our plants are fully dcs controlled and have proper qcs system for maintaining precision standards. We have also latest ETP plant for maintaining odour free paper.

PD : Technical facilities & features of your Manufacturing and where it is located?

AJ : Silverton is situated around 120 kms from national capital and is ideally situated in terms of market. Our customer base is good 90 percent in the vincinity of 200 kms radius from our factory which is a big thing. Our management is having wide experience of over 30 years in paper industry having strong technical and commercial background. We have our captive power generation plants and latest paper manufacturing lines.

PD : How sophisticated is your laboratory and R&D facilities for your products?

AJ : We have latest fully equipped labs with a well trained quality control teams working day and night for maintaining proper quality standards. We can back track each and every reel in case of any grievance received by customer when it was made and what are the deviations, each and every product is barcoded and properly packed.

PD : What about your other group companies and what do you offer from those companies?

AJ : Our group has five companies out of which three companies are in kraft paper production and one is making rigid board and one is an automobile dealership namely

  • Silverton pulp and Papers Pvt Ltd
  • Garg Duplex and Papers Mills Pvt Ltd
  • Aroma Kraft and Tissues Pvt Ltd
  • Accurate Multilayer Papers Llp
  • Shree Sanmati Auto experts Pvt Ltd

PD : Could you hint us about your upcoming projects?

AJ : Company will surely come up with new expansions but till now all opportunities are under consideration and evaluation process so nothing concrete which can be disclosed.

PD : What are all the challenges in your business?

AJ : Paper industry is full of challenges, we at silverton take every day a new challenge what we did last day in the most efficient manner and what are we going to improve today for further optimization, our focus is on how to improve efficiency and quality to serve our industry and environment in a best way.

We believe in variety of paper rather than volume so we keep our market share low but make high value added products .We will come up with many value added products in near future keeping in mind banning of single use plastic.

Our goal is to maximise highest profit with highest ethics and highest work standards and investing for upliftment of all sections of society and working towards a greener planet.

PD : What is your triumph formula to hold a strong leadership position in the industry?

AJ : We deliver our best effort with best services, A strong customer satisfaction level with a complaint free quality is our triumph formula to hold a strong leadership position in market.

PD : How does your company contribute to the society?

AJ : Silverton is fulfilling its social responsibilities by way of CSR .We are always open to needy sections of society. No we don’t have any association or trust managed personally but we support many other associations and Trusts involved in charity programmes. During Corona period company donated many oxygen concentartors, donated in PM care fund and took care of all its employees for there every kind of need in the stressful period.

“Our objective is finally to help all valued consumers maximize their productivity, minimize their costs”

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