Parason Machinery : Providing technologically advanced solutions

Parason Machinery (I) Pvt. Ltd : Providing technologically advanced solutions to meet customer requirements.

An Interview with its Director – Operations Mr. Madhure Desarda

Paper Desk : Could you explain about Parason Machinery and its operations in India & overseas?

Madhure Desarda : Parason is a well-known brand in the paper industry. Our paper machinery is used by some of the most prestigious paper manufacturers in the country. With a strong presence in the domestic market, we are also expanding our footprints to the global market. Parason make machines are widely used In industries like Pulp and Paper, Tableware, Molded Fiber, Defence, etc. in India and overseas. Parason has a complete range of Stock Preparation products with after-sales service.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

MD : Parason has always kept the vision of being the most preferred partner for Paper World. Our Mission is to provide innovative and affordable engineering solutions proactively encouraging continuous improvement culture for sustainable growth of all stakeholders. Parason has a culture of empowering the employees and supporting them in their respective roles and interests. We focus a lot on training our employees for their personal growth in their respective fields.

Parason values are

P- Passionate for Customer Satisfaction

A – Aim High & Achieve High

R – Respect for all Stakeholders

A – Analytical Thinking

S – Safety of entire value chain

O – Ownership approach

N – National Pride

PD : What are all your basic and premium products for the current paper industry?

MD : Parason is known for the Refiner and refiner discs in the entire world but this has not stopped us from venturing into new businesses. Our wide range of SKUs shows our strength as an organization right from Pulper to Shoe Press. Some of the Premium and Latest products we have launched are Drum Pulper, Poly Disc Filter, Gravity Disc Thickener, Shoe Press, Headbox, etc.

Parason is focusing on each and every product in the manufacturing chain of Pulp and Paper Industry.

PD : What kind of equipment do you offer for defiberizing in pulping?

MD : Parason provides a wide range of pulping equipment for defiberizing. The equipment is different for different capacities which go up to 1500 TPD. Parason offers Low Consistency Pulper, Low Consistency Offset Pulper, Dilution Pulper, Drum Pulper, and High Consistency Pulper to name a few.

Some benefits that Parason make equipment has are as follows

  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Longer service life
  • Efficient & power saving process

PD : Does Parason manufacture headboxes for hi-speed operations of the paper machines?

MD : Parason manufactures headboxes for hi-speed operations of paper machines. Parason Pressurized Headbox transforms the stock through a pipeline into the rectangular discharge. The rectifier rolls remove the flow irregularities and create turbulence to keep the fibers deflocculated. The Pressurized Headbox utilizes the air cushion pressure that is given from the top which is adjusted to meet the jet speed requirements. Shower sprays inside the headbox eliminate the bubbles and weak pressure pulse. Parason make Headboxes have many advantages of which some are mentioned below.

  • Efficiently controls cross­machine basis weight distribution
  • Minimizes grade change interval time
  • Provides better energy­ saving
  • The system runs reliably using DCS & QCS
  • Suitable for variable speed operations
  • Stability of flow & improved paper finishing

PD : What is the advantage of your ready-to-install & start mini disperser?

MD : The advantages of Parason’s ready-to-install and start mini disperser are many. The mini disperser requires a minimum floor area so there is a saving of space. It is ideal for a small capacity manufacturing specialty paper. The other advantages are ­that it increases paper machine runnability, reduces raw material cost, ­ improves fibre treatment etc.

PD : Do you offer any integrated solution for molded fibre packaging?

MD : Parason provides a turnkey solution in Molded Fiber production plants with specific design & engineering services and offers services to operational plants as well in their capacity expansion, maintenance, and enhancing the product quality. Broadly, the classification of our Molded Fiber Solution and products can be made as under:

  • Automated stock preparation system (PLC, SCADA, and DCS System)
  • Molded Fiber Production machine (Semi-automatic Forming machine with Robot)
  • Production Molds
  • Product Edge Trimming machine
  • Auxiliaries (Vacuum & separator system, air compressor, cooling tower, RO plant, lab instruments, and other necessary equipment)
  • Complete Process, Piping, Wiring engineering, Layout, and ISO detailing.

PD : What is the specialty of your Manufacturing facilities?

MD : Parason has integrated manufacturing facilities with Foundries, Machining, and Fabrication workshops which are technologically advanced to meet customer requirements. Heavy-duty Fabrication facility has the capacity to manufacture 100 M^3 Pulper, Poly Disc Filter which is huge in size. Parason has a Government of India recognized R&D Facility. Basket Facility churns out huge production which makes us the Largest pressure screen basket manufacturer in India.

Our In house Hard chrome and Electro polishing Facility allows a great scope of R&D. Our facilities have the most advanced machines for our processes with the likes of 5-axis VMCs. Our huge facilities which are situated in Chikhalthana, Aurangabad are equipped with all the necessary Machines which makes us self sufficient as we cast in our foundry, which is followed by machining in our facilities, parts that are required to be fabricated are also made in our facilities.

PD : How advanced is your in-house laboratory and R&D facilities?

MD : Research & Development at Parason is an ongoing process that looks forward to creating systematic activity combining both basic and applied research. In recognition of the services in the product or system development in-house, Parason has earned the distinction of Export House building Marketing Infrastructure and Expertise by the Government of India required for export promotion.

Our R&D facility is equipped with the latest instruments where developments continuously take place. We have maintained a huge database which helps us in designing new products according to the needs of the market.

PD : What is the objective for your company to primarily focus on many types of Research & Development?

MD : Parason Machinery with a flair for quality performance to meet the needs of the paper industry pushed them to continuous research and development programs in machinery and spare segments.

The objective for Parason to primarily focus on Research and Development was that there have been world-renowned machinery brands that provided a complete range of machinery and spares from pulping to paper making at a cost, but there was a vacuum to meet the hunger for cost-effective paper machinery and spares for the dedicated entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in paper Industry.

PD : Can you share with us Parason’s success story and how is it possible to be one of the leaders in the industry for more than 40 years?

MD : Parason started it’s journey with a foundry for refiner discs in 1976 which was followed by refiner machines, pulping system, and so on. Parason had a major breakthrough when we executed a complete pulp mill of 200 TPD back in 1998. Another breakthrough was in 2019 when Parason acquired Calpher Americas in Sao Paulo, Brazil to serve worldwide customers and clients. Parason has been successful because of the values that are followed; the values that were set by our Founder Dr. Shri. Champalalji P Desarda. Parason has been one of the leaders in the industry for more than 40 years and the foundation of the same is because Parason has a strong belief in continuously innovating and researching the aspect of technology.

PD : what are all the challenges you face in Indian Market ?

MD : As times progress forward the contents of raw materials are changing because of various environmental parameters. Parason studies the same in terms of how the fiber length and other characteristics are changing and how that would impact the machines that are being manufactured. We have to come up with innovations in machinery in order to deliver the results our customers need. As far as competition is concerned in the Indian market, Parason holds a fair share due to the quality of products and timely deliveries.

PD : What are your other businesses & goal in the Industry?

MD : Parason has entered the Molded Fiber business with the manufacturing of Semi-Automatic Forming machines and Trimming machines. In Pulping Systems, Parason has come up with new products like Headbox, Shoe Press and is planning to deliver Dryers as well.

Parason will be targeting the market with new innovations in the existing machines that are delivered all across the globe. Parason while acquiring Calpher Americas took a move for expanding the footprint on another continent. Our goal is to reach every corner of the globe by providing exceptionally high-quality machines to the customers simultaneously taking into consideration sustainability to maintain ecological balance.

“Parason started it’s journey with a foundry for refiner discs in 1976 which was followed by refiner machines”

PD : How does Parason contribute to the society?

MD : Parason has always believed in giving back to society because of which Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a significant part. The business house started realizing that it would have to rise above the profitability and take care of the satisfactory survival of all those associated with society, directly or indirectly. The following are some of the main CSR Activities carried out by Parason as a helping hand in environmental protection and social cause.

  • Parason has donated a traveler ambulance to the D.K.M.M. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital to serve patients in need.
  • Tree plantation activities are carried out regularly to help in maintaining the ecological balance of nature.
  • Scholarships are granted to the deserving children of Desarda Group employees to help them achieve their dreams.
  • Water Purifiers are installed in the Municipal Schools promoting good health.
  • Rain Water Harvesting is practiced to serve as a helping hand in minimizing the water scarcity problem.

PD : Any special achievements, awards, appreciations from any govt. or private institutions?

MD : Below are few of our achievements.

  • Our Founder Dr Shri Champalalji P Desarda has the National Productivity Award to his name which was presented to him by the Honorable President of India in 1995-9
  • Parason has time and again bagged the Paperex Award for the wide range of Equipment displayed at the event.
  • Parason has a Government of India In house R&D facility and is also recognized as an “Export House”.
  • Parason was awarded the certificate of Export Excellence by EPC Delhi in 2003-04 out of many other recognitions.

“Parason has expanded Its Footprint in Brazil and Americas by Acquiring Calpher Máquinas”

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