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Securikett launches paper-based security seal

New paper-based security seal revolutionizes the packaging industry For the first time, Securikett produces security seals with color change from paper.

‘One package – one material‘

By using similar materials for product packaging, the recycling process is highly simplified. If packaging and closing labels are made out of the same material, the quality of the recycled raw material, and efficiency of the recycling process, is significantly enhanced. Paper packaging that is closed with paper-based security seals can be better integrated into the recycling process than paper packaging with plastic labels.

In all industries, green innovations have been continuously coming onto the market in recent years. When it comes to packaging including security closing mechanisms, there was one final hurdle to clear.

“By using the latest paper-based security seals and tapes, industries can not only package their products in a more tamper-proof way, but also make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection and avoid plastic,” says the CEO of Securikett, Werner Horn, who is committed to producing high performance products in an effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

Innovation comes from Austria

Securikett, an Austrian company specializing in digital and physical security systems for a broad spectrum of product sectors, is attracting attention with its invention of the new paper security seal. The company has been a key supplier to major industrial companies around the globe for years and is a global leader in the development and supply of transparent and opaque security closure seals.

“Our VOID labels turn all types of packaging into safes,” says Werner Horn, the company’s CEO, explaining how they work. “We are pleased that we can now offer this special paper-based VOID technology solution. Paper is one of the most renewable raw materials and recycling of paper is well established. Pulp fibers can be recycled up to 8 times.”

The security closure seals are characterized by the fact that an irreversible effect remains on the packaging when it is peeled off. Opening and tampering of the packaging is thus immediately and clearly obvious. The company produces these new paper VOID seals in various designs, sizes and colors.

Paper-based security seals

Securikett’s research department has been working for a long time on the goal of being able to produce paper-based security seals with equivalent performance and security as the plastic-based security seals that have been more commonly produced up to now. The goal included development of both opaque and transparent security seals, in which the special security VOID effect is displayed when the seal is peeled off.

Vanessa Mitterer, Msc. Head of the Research Department, says: “Thanks to technical innovations, we have succeeded in producing a seal from the renewable and recyclable raw material paper that is superior to the plastic seal in many respects. PaperVOID deforms when peeled off and is particularly resistant to manipulation with water and liquids.”

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