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Up to 50 percent less energy consumption with the Voith’s new InduraClean heavyweight cleaning system

  • Revised cleaner bank with modular, space-saving, flow-optimized design
  • Significantly improved cleaning performance and cleaning volume as well as impressive energy and fiber savings
  • InduraClean IDC-4F version is particularly suitable for very high production volumes of board and packaging papers, InduraClean IDC-4Q version achieves exceptionally high qualities for graphic and specialty papers

The modular, robust and optimized design of the new InduraClean IDC-4 can lead to significantly increased production, energy reduction of up to 50 percent or significantly improved separation efficiency, depending on customer requirements.

For optimized cleaning, Voith introduces the new InduraClean (IDC) product family as part of its BlueLine stock preparation portfolio. The system consists of an improved cleaner bank, which can be combined with both the new InduraClean IDC-4 and optimized InduraClean IDC-5. Depending on requirements, the focus of the modular cleaning technology can be on significantly increased production, energy reduction of up to 50 percent or vastly improved separation efficiency.

“We have already received very good customer feedback, the cleaner installations are running efficiently and smoothly,” says Stefan Walker, Area Sales Manager at Voith Paper. “A quick start-up was ensured by our experts. The results are very satisfying. With the help of the new cleaners, our customers can significantly reduce their energy requirements and minimize fiber losses.”

Optimized cleaner bank and new cleaner design

The InduraClean IDC-4 combines four individual high-efficiency cleaners to enable high throughput with reduced space requirements. In addition, the cleaner bank features a flow-optimized design that avoids deposits in the cleaner bank due to rejects or heavily loaded grades. Besides the revision of the cleaner connection, the bank has been extended to include an individual isolation. This means that individual cleaners can now be shut down during operation as needed.

“With our new InduraClean portfolio, we have developed the most comprehensive cleaner product portfolio in the paper industry,” says Thomas Jaschek, Global Product Manager at Voith Paper. “We can offer individual solutions for all customer requirements. The InduraClean IDC-4 has already proven its operational reliability, ease of maintenance and high separation efficiency in a wide variety of installations. Customer reactions to the results and operation have been consistently positive. Even at low pressure differentials, the extremely robust cleaners achieve high separation rates. This allows new circuit concepts and thus high energy savings.”

Suitable design variants for individual customer requirements

There are two different versions of the InduraClean IDC-4 type, depending on the objective. The Voith experts designed the InduraClean IDC-4F (FourFlow) for large production capacities, especially for board and packaging papers. Meanwhile, the InduraClean IDC-4Q (FourQuality) is particularly suitable for specialty and graphic paper grades, as here the focus is on very high cleaning efficiency and quality. The new product family also includes the widely used cleaner type HCL 5 – now referred to as InduraClean IDC-5. Unlike the InduraClean IDC-4, it consists of only one cleaner cone. This proven system is also available with different configurations and with the option of lightweight separation.

In addition to the installation of the new cleaner banks, Voith also offers the fast rebuild of existing banks. Voith provides support both in system planning and installation as well as commissioning and service for optimum results. The new cleaners can also be integrated into banks from other manufacturers.

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