VERTEX CHEM : The strength of VCPL is its human assets

VERTEX CHEM PVT. LTD : The strength of VCPL is its human assets empowered by technology that offers better and sustainable product varients.

Interview with Mr. Kailash C. Kabra, Managing Director, Vertex Chem Pvt. Ltd.

Paper Desk: May we know about Vertex Chem and its business in India?

Kailash C. Kabra : Established in the year 1994, Vertex Chem Private Limited is one of the reputed manufacturer, importer and exporter of industrial chemicals like pulp and paper chemicals, coating chemicals, industrial defoamers, size press chemicals and many more. These specialty chemicals are widely used in paper, textile, paint and construction industry owing to their precise PH value, accurate composition, environment friendliness and effectiveness.

We have very good presence in all over India, particularly pulp and paper industries and we have very good marketing team in all four region in India, who will take care of follow ups and give better service to our customers. And we do the performance basis trial to show the product efficacy.

PD : What are company’s vision & mission?

KCK : VCPL’S vision is to strive for innovation in product development to achieve the best economic and eco-friendly solutions for our customers. Our team lays a strong emphasis on high quality product standards that underline our name in the industry, We aim to replace single-use plastic by using advanced coating chemicals and wet end chemicals.

PD : What kind of chemicals you offer to paper industry?

KCK : We manufacture paper and pulp chemicals, Industrial defoamers, size press chemicals & screen cleaning chemicals, surface sizing agents, felt and wire cleaning chemicals etc..,

PD : What is your company’s strength?

KCK : The strength of our organization is in infrastructure that enables us to produce industrial chemicals precisely. We have all modern facility with huge capacity to meet the pulo requirement of various industries. These chemicals are stored under normal conditions and are packaged in HDPE carboys & drums and IBC to protect these from impurities.

We follow international quality standards while formulating, storing and procuring from importers in China and Malaysia and exporting to clients in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Gulf Countries.

Mr. Birendra Jha is the guiding force behind the success of the organization, which is enjoyed till today. It is his dedicated efforts, which have earned us a meritorious position among the competitive market. This has helped in garnering a base of clients like Ballarpur Industries Ltd. (BILT), The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., Orient..etc.

PD : How strong and technically advanced are your manufacturing facilities?

KCK : Profound infrastructure is empowered with a well-equipped laboratory, capacious warehouse, cutting edge technology, gamut of ultra-modern machinery and we have a team of skilled and qualified personnel, prudently using our resources to achieve satisfactory results.

PD : What is your future target on market share?

KCK : VERTEX CHEM PVT LTD did research and launched the barrier coating chemicals and OGR to market which is our Indian government insisting to introduce the same instead of poly coating paper which is not advisable for consumers through this new introduction we want capture major market in India.

PD : What about your after sales service?

KCK : We are in to this business for past 28 years we are proving very good support to our customers and Vertix chemicals pvt ltd is always in for innovation, so we easily solve paper mills problems, we are more into trouble shooting and we give customer solutions as soon as possible by us.

PD : Do you have in–house laboratory and R&D facilities?

KCK : We have set up a state-of-the-art R&D center and advanced manufacturing facility near Mumbai in Maharashtra where we continue to search for newer products and optimize current processes that enable our customers to be competitive in the marketplace without compromising on quality.

Our profound infrastructure is empowered with a well-equipped laboratory, capacious warehouse, cutting-edge technology, gamut of ultra-modern machinery, and superb working environment. We have developed barrier coatings (water repellent coating), oil & grease resistant chemicals for kraft paper, whitepaper, and paperboard.

We have also developed a new generation cooking aid and anti-pitch for pulp mills. Our chemicals are used to prevent ply de-lamination and provide stiffness to duplex boards.

For the kraft paper segment, we have developed BF booster and odor control Chemicals along with ply bonding chemicals and RCT enhancers.

We have also pro- diced next-generation ash enhancer and wet strength resins for writing & printing paper and tissue paper segments respectively. We offer a plant trial by our well- qualified technical sales team to show the performance of our products.

PD : Could you say few reasons that why customers should chose you?

KCK : The reputation of our organization in the industry has been due to our precise range of Industrial Chemicals. Our preference by the clients over others is all because of the following reasons:

*Our profound infrastructure is empowered with a good & well equipped laboratory capacious warehouse, cutting edge technology, gamut of ultra modern machinery and superb working environment.

*With our ethical and transparent business policies, we have carved a valuable niche in the domestic as well as the international market.

*We have a team of skilled and qualified personnel, prudently using our resources to achieve satisfactory results.

*We continually upgrade our technology to introduce new and innovative products.

*With our streamlined business operations, we cut down the production cost and supply goods at marketable and reasonable price.

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