Ambani Organics Limited : We have been very focused on the saying that states “Change is the only Constant”.

An Exclusive Interview with the Managing Director of Ambani Organics – Mr. Rakesh Shah.

Paper Desk : Could you explain us about Ambani Organics?

Rakesh Shah : The organization has been making a mark in the specialty chemicals sector for more than 3 decades now. In 1996, myself Rakesh Shah decided to lead the team and took charge as a Managing Director of the company.

We have been very focused on the saying that states “Change is the only Constant”. Keeping this in mind, we have always invested our time, efforts and resources into constantly developing chemicals for new applications, due to which the company has ventured into the packing and textile industry followed by paper, carpet, paint and construction industry amongst many more specialty chemicals applications.

This attitude of the organization to never stop at a benchmark once achieved, rather to set new milestones has led to a continuous increase in plant capacity from 700 tones/year in 1996 to 7000 tons/year in 2013. To justify this statement, in 2018 Ambani Organics ventured into a new project of manufacturing of Paint Driers and FRP Accelerators.

With the start of this new project of Paint Drier and FRP Accelerator manufacturing in addition to the emulsion manufacturing plant, today in 2022 the installed production capacity has been increased to 24000 tons/year.

After the successful establishment of Ambani Organics in the Acrylic Emulsion and Metal Soaps (Paint Drier and FRP Accelerator) industry, our R&D professionals are now on their toes for development of Organic Peroxides, salicylic acid and derivatives.

To ensure quality consistency and to obtain the superior grade of all the products, all the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are screened for quality at our QA / QC Lab. Being concerned about environmental issues, the company has invested heavily into green chemistry. All our emulsions are made of APEO Free, AZO Free and Phthalate Free. Research and innovation is the platform of the competent business. AOL is rooted on the constant efforts of our group of experts, researchers and workers who strive hard to develop new products considering customer and market needs.

To sum it all, Ambani organics believes in sustainable development and thus, manufactures cost effective, efficient and high performance specialty chemicals which are widely used in textiles, paints, paper, adhesives, construction, carpet, emulsion manufacturing and FRP Industry.

Today Ambani Organics Limited is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certified Company. Ambani Organics Ltd is also setting up a state of art manufacturing unit to expand it’s Organics Peroxide manufacturing and venturing into the manufacturing of Salicylic Acid and it’s derivatives and other substitute products.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

RS : Our Company tagline “Your Chemistry is Our World” reflects our mission and visions. The chemical requirement of clients is our top priority. We tailor-make our products as per our clients requirement.

Our company believes in sustainable growth for every stakeholder of the company including the surrounding and community where we have our operations. Our employees are provided with more than just mandatory facilities defined by the authorities, rather we have a very low rate of employee repatriation.

PD : What kind of products you offer for the Pulp & Paper Industry?

RS : Ambani Organics Limited manufacturers coating chemicals for the paper manufacturers. Our proprietary chemistry imparts value adding properties such as better printability and gloss to the paper.

In addition to the coating chemistry we are also involved in the manufacturing of de-inking agents, sizing agents and other chemistries essential to the paper manufacturers.

PD : Please do let us know about your products for Tissue paper production.

RS : We do not manufacture chemical used in the Tissue industry but in future we are planning to manufacture the same in our upcoming expansion plan.

PD : How sophisticated is your lab which assures the quality parameters for your products?

RS : We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 company. We are very stringent when it comes to delivering products of the highest quality to our customers. We have dedicated in-process QC facilities for each plant to assure the quality of material while still in the production process. Once production is completed, samples of the final product are sent to our independent QA/QC laboratory for quality check.

Only after approval is received from QA head and QC head, material is unloaded in their respective packing material and allowed to be dispatched.

PD : May we know more about your business mantra of “Your Chemistry is our World”?

RS : Chemistry is a part of everything we come in contact with. Ambani Organics Limited as a company intends to be a part of every human’s daily lifestyle, hence the mantra “Your Chemistry is our World “. Keeping this Mantra in mind Ambani Organics Limited has diversified. Itself to commodity as well as speciality chemicals such as Acrylic Emulsions & Metal Octoates. Now with our Expansion in Dahej, We intend to be involved in super speciality chemistry and touching lives by introducing ourselves to the perfumery, cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry.

PD : What is your business expansion plan at current period?

RS : We are setting up our new state of art manufacturing unit in Dahej , Gujarat, which will go operational by January 2023. We have set our goal to double our volume of sales within one year of operations of our Dahej plant.

Our Marketing team is working hard to reach to the new customers and new territory and add them to our client list.

PD : Any Industry barriers, or hurdles are you facing in Indian Market?

RS : There are various hurdles and challenges a company comes across on day to day operations of the company but Ambani Organics Limited has been structured to adapt to those changes and respond to the challenges and get through the same quickly.

Competition is part of business and we face the same with ease due to our product quality and our customer Service.

PD : How do you look at the future of Indian Paper Industry?

RS : There is a bright future for the Indian Paper Industry as we have a huge domestic market which is not yet fully explored. Although it is competitive, there are very good opportunities in foreign market which will give growth to the Indian Paper Industry in the coming future.

PD : What is your idea about sustainability of the paper industry?

RS : We do not think sustainability is going to be an issue for the paper industry. With strict actions being taken against the use of plastics we see the paper industry experiencing new and innovative opportunities in the near future.

PD : How does your company contribute to the society?

RS : Company has planned to develop & maintain a garden in the MIDC area to possibly be used as a public park and have already acquired a plot from MIDC for the same. Through Mr Rakesh Shah Company keeps supporting Lions Club of Juhu, a Charitable trust contributing to the society by developing premises such as School, hospitals, shelters etc. Since Ambani Organics Limited has in-house, a very modern R & D Centre we always motivate and allow students from Engineering Colleges to use Ambani Organics Limited’s R&D Centre for their projects and Industrial Training.


  • Indian Achivers Award for Industry Development 2017

  • ISSPA Appreciation Awards 2016, 2018 , 2019

  • Colour Society Appreciation Award 2016

  • IPCA Appreciation Award 2018

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