Lathia polymer industries : India’s leading rubber manufacturer and exporter that combines the best of both worlds: traditional and new technologies.

An Exclusive Interview with the Managing Director – Mr. Hiren Lathia.

Paper Desk : Could you let us know the history of lathia polymer industries?

Hiren Lathia : The company was started under the leadership of Mr.C.P.Lathia who had a proficient work experience in rubber & had been the MD & Director of Lathia rubber Pvt. Ltd for 33 years.

It is an ISO certified pioneer manufacturers & exporters of rubber roller, industrial rubber roller, ebonite rubber rollers, applicator roller, natural rubber roller, P.U rubber roller, rubber expander, rubber groove rolls, special purpose roller, rubber sleeve, rubber linings in all kinds of natural & synthetic rubber like, Nitrile rubber roller (NBR), Neoprene rubber roller (chloroprene), EPDM rubber roller, Hypalon rubber roller, Silicon rubber roller etc. also are mfg. PU coated rollers for steel industries.

We are also into rubber lining production & supplies.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

HL : Our vision is “give them quality. that’s the best kind of advertising”. Being a quality based organisation, we strive hard to maintain superior quality of our products. right from our inception.

We have consistently improved and provided our clients with better products all times to provide better quality and prompt service to our valuable customers.

PD : What type of rollers you manufacture for paper industry?

HL : We manufacture all kind of rubber rollers such as Press rolls, Couch rolls, Back up rolls, Felt rolls, Wire felt rolls, etc.

PD : The rubber compounds you use for your rollers are your own formulation or technology tie-up with any third party?

HL : After several years of R&D, we have mastered the secret behind the successful formulation of rubber compound for various hardness.

PD : How best your PU rubber compounds used for paper industry rollers?

HL : PU rubber is still not used in paper industries widely because of its price.

PD : Do you have any newly developed rubber compounds for your rollers?

HL : Many. We continuously update our formulations of new compounds according to the end users. Basically, it’s a tailor job. Each client has a specific requirement and we develop a tailor made product for them.

PD : Lathia can manufacture rollers for the paper industry up to what size, means length & diameter?

HL : We can manufacture rollers about upto 1000 mm diameter x 5000 mm length.

PD : Technical features of your manufacturing facilities in India?

HL : Rubber rollers are made in continuous hot strip coating on automatic machine for all types of hardness. All the necessary precautions and measures are taken to ensure the best quality and workmanship.

We undertake coatings in all kinds of polymers like Natural, Nitrile, Hypalon, EPDM, Neoprene, PU, Ebonite etc.; the type of polymer is decided after complete evaluation of the process and study of other parameters ( like pressure, temperature, chemicals coming in contact etc.).

We undertake coating in all kinds of hardness of 40/45 shore A – 100 shore A (ebonite), with diameters ranging from 25 mm to 650 mm and length upto 5000 mm.

We also undertake manufacturing of rubber sleeves for coilers / uncoilers used in steel industries (for all sizes).

All our products have high tensile strength, precise and smooth finish and are available at competitive prices.

PD : What is your quality parameter and how do you assure the quality of your rollers before dispatch?

HL : We have an in house testing facility and strive to deliver best quality products to our client. we have internal quality checks at each processing step, further all the raw materials used are of finest quality.

We also have qualified skilled personnel manning latest sophisticated machines, latest instruments, reliable material & experienced management to maintain superior quality of each of its products.

PD : What kind of Industry barriers you face in Indian market?

HL : We face several hurdles in the market. The frequent rate uncertainty of synthetic rubber since they are petroleum dependent & the availability. lack of raw materials, labour, government subsidy pressure of price reduction, stiff competition and increased logistic costs.

PD : May we know your company’s goal in the industry?

HL : We are successfully catering to industries like textile, paper, plastic, cement ind, steel, plywood & lamination, chemical, and tannery etc. In future we would like to diversify the roller dimension along with hardness and also adapt to the evolving technologies.

PD : What about export market and is it happening regularly?

HL : After tasting success in the indian market we have now ventured in the world market. We have several regular clients spread across several countries.

PD : What is your fair idea on future indian paper industry’s growth as well as for the rollers industry is the concern?

HL : We see a lot of potential for expansion of paper products and industry due to ban on plastics.

PD : Appreciations for your company or products from any institutions?

HL : We are the recipients of 2 National awards : Rashtriya Rattan Awards, Indira Gandhi SadBhawana Award.

For their promise of quality products, Lathia Polymer was recognized as the Best Supplier for the Rubber Industry in Bangladesh in 2018 and in India in 2019.

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