NEPA launches its writing & printing paper

NEPA limited is a pioneer newsprint company of India centrally situated at NEPA Nagar, District Burhanpur, MP, India. The company was incorporated on 25th Jan 1947 and commercial production started in 1956. In this Paperex, NEPA ltd is launching its first ever writing and printing paper produced by NEPA ltd.

Mr.Commodore Saurav Deb, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of NEPA Mills said Paper Desk that “NEPA eco print which is made from recycling of waste paper so in a way NEPA Ltd working towards sustainability with positive approach, Our moto is “kammain zyada apka faidha” because NEPA is providing writing & printing paper with excellent product quality printing properties in most economical rate sustainable for every printing and writing need. Further NEPA ltd is shaping vision of India and one of the contributor in the success of “make in India“ journey by producing newsprint  & writing paper.

NEPA is also paving way to write a success story for a mill which was suffering  heavy loses and production was suspended to result the mill with the help of government of  India to renovate the mill for more effective and efficient production and NEPA is able to turn the table by recommencing production in Aug 2022 after successful completion of its revival & mill development plan approved by government of India and also able to diversify in product category by producing writing and printing paper in Sep 2023, NEPA ltd is working with moto “ATMAVISHWAS SE ATMANIRBHARTA“.

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