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An interview from Mr.Unni Krishnan, Managing Director of Unique Machine Systems
“We have been operating for the past 25 years in pulp & paper machinery manufacturing. We have created a niche set of products and services which has been appreciated by our clients from whom we get repeat orders”

Paper Desk : Could we know more about Unique machine systems (U-MAC)?

Unni Krishnan : We are based out of Coimbatore, TN, India and we have been in the Business for the last 25 years .our expertise is paper machinery and rewinders. We have supplied paper machines from 1.00m to 3.60m wide paper machines for producing writing, printing, tissue, duplex, kraft and mill board varieties of latest. We also undertake rebuild of paper machines and rewinders.

We have an SPM unit for specializing in developing and product-ionizing of any new concept requirement. We have undertaken and supplied a machine for ISRO for a unique film drying machine space module. We also supply disc cutters, reel splitters, air shafts for reel holding.

PD : What are your company’s vision & principles?

UK : Our vision is to give good quality products at competitive rates with good service. Our company culture is to foster a very open and challenging atmosphere where the employees feels. He is part of the company and work to develop one self and the Company. We approach the customer is the king and we exist because of our customers.

“We have an SPM unit for specializing in developing and product-ionizing of any new concept requirement”

PD : What do you manufacture for the Pulp & Paper industry?

UK : Products manufactured by us are:

Pulp mill equipment

  • Turbo separator – 5 models
  • Medium consistency screen two models
  • Low consistency pressure screen four models
  • Belt press for thickening up to 30-35% consistency
  • Drum thickener with slotted screen used as pre-thickener before screw press for Deinking plant sludge
  • Thickener for other application

Paper machine accessories:

  • Auto guide
  • Stretcher conventional & motorized with felt tension controller
  • Tail cutter for dry end 
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic control systems

Finishing house:

  • Rewinder up to 5.00m with regenerative braking
  • Salvage winders
  • Jobbing winders
  • Fully automated reel pickup from floor
  • Trim handling system for cutters winders
  • Reel splitters
  • End paper discs cutter for reel protection
“We approach the customer is the king and we exist because of our customers”

PD : How does the head box micro slice controller works?

UK : The head box slice lip micro controller is used for maintaining the profile across the machine using a precise gearing with motors fitted with displacement measurement. This can be connected to the Beta gauge and the slice can be lowered or raised precisely from the machine control room itself obviating the need to climb onto the wire for varying the slice lip opening.

As the machine speeds are increasing day by day and quality Requirement is also rising the control of the slice lip and headbox Play a very important roll.

PD: What is H frame design for press section designed by you?

UK : The H frame design is modular concept, extremely rigid and sturdy design for increasing the nip loads on paper machine. Framing design is very suitable for double felting. The frame design is done in such a way the felt changing can be done quickly without dismantling half the items. Improves productivity and overall compact and easy to maintain.

PD : What is the concept of your Silent drive for dryer?

UK : This is a new concept now catching on in our country. The dryers in The earlier days were all driven by gear train with an open arrangement. The open arrangement gears creates a lot of noise difficult to maintain. Maintaining the rear side bearings of the dryers and felt rolls was difficult and usually the maintenance is more on break down and than preventive. In the silent drive design the open gears are removed and driven individually through separate driving rolls.

The machine becomes silent and house keeping is easier and maintenance also is under control. These drives can be done for high speed and slow speed machines.

“The frame design is done in such a way the felt changing can be done quickly without dismantling half the items”

PD : Where is your production facility located?

UK : We have a 10000 sq feet factory with a machine shop inspection and assembly facilties. we provide all our services from Coimbatore, TN. We have associates at Bangalore, HyderAbad and Ahmedabad. We have supplied machines across India and we have repeat orders from all our customers.

PD : How important is the QC for a machinery manufacturing company and how do you assure the quality consistency of your machinery?

UK : Quality control is an essential part of any production process. We purchase all raw materials from good suppliers and wherever materials have to be tested we get it tested from Government accredited agencies. During the production we take visual inspection, check with drawing during fabrication, machining set ups for getting the best results.

All rejected Parts are scrapped. For high accurate measurements we take third inspection using cmm, laser tracking. For getting consistent quality of our machines we use Jigs and fixtures while machining, fabrication and drilling to get consistent results.

PD : How do you handle you service related issues?

UK : Generally these are mechanical items do not require continuous service. Our machines are rugged and lasts a long time. For any service related requirement we have our technical team to handle Any crisis situation.

PD : Do you export and what about your overseas market?

UK : We have supplied a lot of items to Saudi Arabia, East Africa, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. We can supply a lot items and equipment maintaining quality and technology.

PD :Could you explain us about your environmental management policies?

UK : Our environment policy is to follow the eco-friendly procedures in the below areas.

  • Transport
  • Minimising waste
  • Reusing packaging and other materials
  • Recycling
  • Efficient use of water and energy
  • Use of biodegradable chemicals
  • Minimising use of solvents and lead-based paints
  • Use of timber or wood products from sustainable (managed) forests
  • Procedures to minimise noise disturbance to neighbours
  • Phasing out of ozone-depleting substances

PD : Being an equipment manufacturer, do you recommend the environmental policy for every manufacturer?

UK : Yes. Because, an environmental policy enables a business to manage and measure its impact on the environment. Whether it covers a company’s own operations or manages the environmental impact of its supply chain, an environmental policy will generally set out the commitments that the company is making to control and improve its environmental impact.

Having an environmental policy can significantly benefit a business – helping it to meet legal requirements, cut costs, conserve raw materials and energy, and make processes more efficient.

PD : How paper mills can initiate for paper sustainability?

UK : Paper mills could have sustainability initiatives which can be implemented through various means, including:

  • Reduce deforestation by promoting sustainable forest management
  • Improve energy efficiency in production facilities
  • Treat wastewater prior to release into the environment
  • Use high-quality diesel fuel produced without heavy metals or sulfur
  • Invest in research and development for new technologies that promote sustainability within the industry
“Meeting sustainability standards requires continuous evaluation of process planning and assessment of technology selection”

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