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DS Smith’s Tecnicarton – A concept of Tecniwrap, mixed packaging for bulky or heavy products

Tecniwrap is a range of mixed cardboard and wood packaging fully customisable according to customer needs and product characteristics to facilitate the transport and logistics of very long and heavy industrial products.

One of DS Smith Tecnicarton’s specialities is packaging for large and heavy products, whether in corrugated or multi-material packaging for European, American or 100% made-to-measure pallets.

The Tecniwrap range is intended for industrial sectors that manufacture heavy and long parts, such as lampposts, poles, steel/aluminium bars, as well as parts for construction, among others. It is also particularly suitable for use in lifting products such as lifts.

Main advantages of Tecniwrap

For the correct development of packaging, we analyse the characteristics of the supply chain and design comprehensive solutions with a focus on efficiency, quality, environmental friendliness and costs.

  • Technical benefits

Wrap packaging is designed and manufactured mainly in corrugated cardboard and some of its components are reinforced with wood, offering outstanding product protection.

For ease of handling, transport, security and space optimisation, our solutions are compatible with interior packaging and can be fitted with locks, front/side opening, handles or interior reinforcements, among others.

  • Logistical benefits

One of the advantages of this product is that it is supplied pre-assembled, and can be delivered on demand, without the need for the company to keep product in stock, with the consequent logistical savings. In addition, they are available with JIT deliveries and we give the possibility to assemble the packaging on site.

  •  Economic benefits

Thanks to Tecnicarton’s production flexibility, very small production batches can also be made, which means savings in storage and stock.

Likewise, this range of packaging allows a reduction of the filling/emptying times of the packaging and of the assembly processes of the same, leading to savings in time and labour.

In terms of the material used for its manufacture, it is lighter and more economical than counterpart packaging made of 100% wood, without affecting the safety of the contents.

  •  Environmental benefits

All its elements are 100% recyclable: it eliminates films, shrink wrap and other wrapping elements.

Depending on the design, they are reusable and, although they are mixed in terms of materials of manufacture, they are easily separable for recycling.

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