Kadant Drives Toward Zero Waste with Upcycling Reject Handling Solution

Kadant Inc. recently announced the launch of the Upcycling™ reject handling line as an integral part of Kadant’s fiber processing offerings. Upcycling was established to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for reject handling challenges commonly found in the manufacture of pulp and paper.

Kadant’s comprehensive Upcycling reject handling technologies provide advanced solutions for coarse reject handling, fine reject handling, and wastewater management. Innovation will be a focus of our Upcycling initiative, including the development of a thermoplastic system that will recover and process plastic waste as part of our comprehensive waste management solution.

“Our mission is to create zero waste solutions by redefining recycling and waste management,” said Marcello Giorgi, Upcycling managing director. “Our Upcycling systems turn waste to worth by generating valuable output from the reject stream.”

To identify waste challenges and improve financial performance at pulp and paper mills, a specialized Upcycling team conducts an audit that includes assessing waste disposal costs and environmental impacts. Upcycling experts then analyze the audit findings to provide a customized solution for transforming waste into valuable products such as metals, wire, and plastic pellets.

As part of Kadant’s Fiber Processing group, Upcycling is supported by over 150 years of fiber processing expertise. By expanding Fiberline products to include this innovative technology, Kadant’s global fiber processing customers benefit from a more complete circular paper economy and support for their sustainability initiatives.

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