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Körber Tissue Technical Improvement Program (TIPs) solve technology and supply chain challenges for tissue manufacturers

Tissue converting, packaging, and fold equipment produced under any of the Körber brands has one of the best reputations in the industry for longevity and reliability. Many tissue manufacturers invest in Kӧrber Tissue lines because of the quality machinery and excellent ROI. They achieve operational excellence by leveraging advanced Körber ecosystem technologies that connect all aspects of tissue converting — from raw paper to finished products and distribution logistics.

As Industry 4.0 innovation rapidly surges forward, technology cannot remain static and deliver the consistent results tissue manufacturers want and need. However, keeping pace with technology could expedite the obsolescence of tissue equipment with long life cycles.

To address this challenge, Körber Business Area Tissue developed a broad portfolio of Technical Improvement Programs (TIPs) that give tissue manufacturers access to the latest technologies without committing them to substantial equipment replacement costs.

A brief overview of Körber Tissue TIPs solutions

TIPs are Körber Business Area Tissue service solutions that provide aftermarket upgrades and improvements on all converting, packaging, and fold machines produced by Körber Tissue. Enhancing installed equipment bases with TIPs that range from small and limited modifications to comprehensive rebuilds keeps machines up to date and efficient — and prevents obsolescence. With TIPs, tissue manufacturers maximize total cost of ownership (TCO), remain competitive in key markets, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Körber Business Area Tissue TIPs are divided into six categories that align with key priorities for tissue manufacturers:

  • Sustainability TIPs minimize the environmental impact of tissue production and increase finished product eco-friendliness
  • Safety TIPs provide optimal operator safety and ensure compliance with industry and regulatory agency requirements
  • Maintenance TIPs reduce the need and time required for equipment servicing
  • Performance TIPs maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), productivity, and reliability
  • Efficiency TIPs stabilize and augment equipment performance levels
  • Rebuild TIPs manage all aspects of equipment technology updates, from basic functional checks to complete overhauls

Körber Tissue TIPs for quick delivery help solve supply chain issues

Ongoing supply chain disruptions continue to limit availability of everything from raw materials to finished product distribution. Competition for key commodities including production line equipment and components have tissue manufacturers often facing disproportionate pricing, exceptionally long delivery lead times — and resulting production delays.

Tissue manufacturers are seemingly at the mercy of a supply chain crisis that isn’t likely to end anytime soon. While true in some respects, those partnering with Körber Business Area Tissue for equipment, technologies, and service have a viable alternative.

TIPs for Quick Delivery  are solutions that focus on managing delivery of critical components and routine upgrades or maintenance, as identified by close internal analysis of performance data pertaining to existing TIPs. Making select TIPs available on a quick delivery basis directly addresses lead time and pricing pain points, as well as ensures timely service.

Currently, these TIPs for Quick Delivery are available:

  • TIP Fire fighting system to detect fires and extinguish them using a low pressure system connected to a certified flood valve
  • TIP New lower seal for Siemens and Rockwell wrapper machines
  • TIP Core perfumer includes an entire scenting system
  • TIP Trimeasy mechanical system for transporting rolls from the logsaw
  • TIP Prex-extender new clamps system with extended range
  • TIP New decanter with PM10 filtering system
  • TIP Glue filter that collects, recirculates, and mixes excess glue with fresh glue for use on machine reloads
  • TIP Bag quality booster system to improve bundle quality
  • TIP Aspiratutto eliminates emery dust and reduces fire risk
  • TIP HMI upgrade replaces tissue equipment operator panels
  • TIP Glue dilution system for all equipment with gluing capabilities
  • TIP Rotoreverse grinding system for orbital logsaw blades

Productivity, performance, and competitive advantage hinge on timely access to technologies that make tissue manufacturing efficient and cost-effective, especially during times of uncertainty. Körber Business Area Tissue understands the sense of urgency for solutions, and has responded with TIPs. Contact the Körber Tissue experts to learn more about standard and quick delivery TIPs options.

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