C2C Consultancy : The highly experienced Design & Engineering Company for Pulp & Paper Mills

An exclusive interview with Mr.N.Srinivasan, Technical Director (Projects)

Paper Desk : Please let us know about your organization.

N.Srinivasan : Our consultancy established in the year of 2008 with highly experienced Design & Engineering team, Implementation of project team with certain protocol with a huge specialized work force for Mechanical, Electrical & Automation, having specialized operation people to commission the plant successfully to achieve the quantity & quality.

“In nut shell we will take the whole responsibility with dedication and our focus is always for the betterment of promoters”

PD :What are your consultancy’s vision to the paper Industry?

NS : Our mission and Vision to help customers to deliver their business goals with state of Art drive technology to achieve significant performance as Our organisation structure is empowered a single window to Pulp and Paper industry to provide Engineering service, Project Management service, Procurement service, Erection service for Installation of all equipment with International Standard, Pipe line installation, Electrical and Automation Installation, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning service, Baby-Sitting service under one roof. C2C will also provide comprehensive turnkey services with dedication, and our focus is always to enhance our promoters. Beside all C2C Consultancy is providing Auditing service for Production increase, Energy reduction, DPR reports, Feasibility reports etc.

To facilitate a budget fixed project and cost-benefit analysis and accurately determine project schedule C2C Consultancy providing the company needed a unified Engineering service such as efficiency of Machine performance, Energy consumption, Real time execution of the project.

C2C Consultancy deploys more than 20 Engineers in 5 countries across Asia & Middle East territories to provide complete Engineering, design & implementation of the projects for our clients. The company in-house resource are primarily Engineers who develop, plan, design, execute the project, strategic planning to overcome day to day challenges. Along with adequate workforce to carryout Mechanical, Electrical & Automation erection.

PD : What kind of pre-project activities you offer for paper mill customers?

NS : We can offer the following for Pre-Project activities

  • Concept arrival.
  • Preparing detail project report.
  • Preparing tender document for the whole project.
  • Budget with the comprehensive breakup.
  • Project schedule with Micro Level breakup.
  • Appointment of Project Team.
  • Soil Investigation.
  • Support for Environmental Clearance.

PD : C2C helps the customers for project documentations for banking purpose?

NS : Detailed Project Report consists of following

(a) Technical features consists of Project concept, Basic Project details, Demand Pattern, Product Mix, Selection of Project location, Source of Raw Materials, Process selection, Technology establishment, Electrical Automation and Utility details, Plant layout, Building costing, Civil Engineering details, Plant organisation and man power details, Project Micro level time line schedules etc.,

(b) Financial Implications consists of arrival of Micro level capital cost, Raw material cost, Power requirement cost, Fuel requirement cost, Water cost, Chemical cost, Packing material cost, salary and wages, Repairs and maintenance cost, depreciation calculation, administrative overheads, selling expenses, Installed capacity and utilisation details, computation of working capital requirements, profitability estimates, balance sheet, cash flow statement, NPV and IRR, Breakeven cost and production, Manufacturing cost arrival and return of investment etc.,

(c) Preliminary plant drawings consists of complete plant layout, Paper machine model GA drawing, Pulp mill & Stock preparation flow chart, Approach Flow chart, Broke handling Flow chart, Fibre recovery Flow chart, Model vacuum system, Raw water treatment, Power plant system and other utilities, ETP Flow sheet, etc.,

PD : Your company helps your customers’ right from the project consultation until trial run of the machine?

NS : C2C Consultancy is doing a unique service of not only Engineering and consultancy service, But also involving project Management service to expedite the project in time and within budget, Procurement assistance, All Equipment Installation service, Pre commissioning and commissioning assistance until trial run up to saleable production to achieve the guaranty in quality and quantity.

PD : Will you do any of your particular services alone only what customer requests or requires?

NS : We do any particular service in Pulp and Paper Industry based on the customer requirements. Beside all C2C Consultancy is providing Auditing service for Production increase, Energy reduction, DPR reports, Feasibility reports etc. To facilitate a budget fixed project and cost-benefit analysis and accurately determine project schedule. C2C Consultancy providing the company needed a unified Engineering service such as efficiency of Machine performance, Energy consumption, Real time execution of the project.

PD : How do you describe the technical features of C2C?

NS : C2C Consultancy has invested in developing precise Engineering solutions with the help of latest technology software like Solid works, AutoCAD, Naviswork, MS Project Software, Open Project Management software to improve the design quality in order to meet the perfect design solution. C2C Consultancy is also known to provide an articulate design, Engineering solution, Erection services & Commissioning services for our prospective clients.

PD : What are all your major completed projects?

NS : Below are the few.

1. M/s. Servalakshmi Paper Mills, (300 TPD Writing and Printing paper) Tirunelveli, India.

2. M/s. Balaji Paper Mills, (150 TPD Writing and Printing paper) Calcutta, India.

3. M/s. Senthil Paper & Boards, (300 TPD Coated Duplex Board Project), Sathyamangalam, Tamilnadu,

4. M/s. Al-Suwadi Paper Project (300TPD Kraft test liner) Qatar.

5. M/s. Tuljabhavani Paper Mills (200TPD Kraft test liner) Solapur, Maharashtra

6. M/s. Keryas Paper Industry LLC, (450 TPD) Sohar, Sultanate of Oman.

7. M/s. Kar Kagaz Kasra. (230 TPD Kraft test liner), Iran.

8. M/s. Diba Shustar Pulp and Paper Industries (150 TPD Writing and Printing paper) Iran.

9. M/s. Genus Paper & Boards Ltd –Unit II (250 TPD Kraft and Coated Duplex) Muzaffarnagar, U.P.

10.M/s. Genus Paper And Boards Ltd- UNIT I (180 TPD & 300TPD Kraft) Moradabad, UP.

11. M/s. Dev Kiran Paper Mills ( 200 TPD Kraft) Bangalore.

12. M/s. TRIDENT GROUP. PM#1, (150 TPD Writing and Printing paper) Barnala, India

13. M/s. Edicon Paper Mills, (400 TPD Coated Duplex Board Project), Morbi, Gujarat, India.

14. M/s. Andhra Paper Limited, (150 TPD Writing and Printing paper) Andhra Pradesh, India.

15. M/s.D.A Packaging Pvt Limited, (100 TPD Kraft ) Ethiopia.

PD : What about your on-going projects and new projects in pipeline?

NS : Those are as follows.

1. M/s. The General Company for Paper Industry Rakta (750 TPD) Alexandria, Egypt

2. M/s. Al -Badeha for Metal Works (450 TPD) Jordan

3. M/s. Quantum Group, (300 TPD) Lagos, Nigeria.

4. M/s. Paper Birch Industries, (65 TPD) Doha, Qatar.

5. M/s. Aikawa Technology Helsinki, Finland

6. M/S. Elixrr Industries Private Limited Bharuch, Gujarat Nariman Project WLM1

7. M/s. Supreme Paper Mills Ltd, Kolkata, India.

8. M/s. Trident Group PM#2, Barnala, India

9. M/s. Al-Shumookh Group Paper Mills, (500TPD Kraft Test liner) IRAQ.

10. M/s. Keryas Paper Industry LLC, Unit-II, (600TPD) UAE

11. Undisclosed promotor at Saudi Arabia (800 TPD).

12. Undisclosed promotor at Abu Dhabi (600 TPD).

PD : We understand that C2C is more aggressive in overseas market and any special reason?

NS : Most of the Overseas promoter’s interested to complete the project under one roof not only with Consultancy services, the following add on services are also provided by C2C which is attracted the Overseas Market.

1.Project management services provided by deploying the experts in Civil, Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Utilities Engineering.

2.Erection, Pre Commissioning and commissioning services are provided with skilled team of Engineers and workers in all Civil works, Structural and Pipeline Fabrication and Erection, All Equipments Installation, Electricals, Automation, all works up to prove the 100% efficiency of Paper Mill and Utilities.

3.After commissioning and prove the performance of the mill, we also providing babysitting services including Administrative and Procurement assistance, Employees recruitment and Training, for continuous effective running of paper plant up to the required time period.

PD : What is the future target of C2C Consultancy?

NS : C2C Planning to organize full-fledged civil construction team with necessary equipment to meet all Overseas Paper Project Construction.

PD : And recent special achievement by your company?

NS : C2C Consultancy has signed a New Repeated Order with M/s. Keryas Paper Industry LLC in the recent Pro Paper Expo, Dubai which was held on 22 Sep 2022 for their Low GSM 600 TPD Kraft paper project.

“We got appreciations from many paper mills from India & Overseas for the quality of our work”

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