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Mondi has a hold on drinks packaging with Hug & Hold – a new sustainable alternative to plastic shrink wrap

Mondi, a global leader in packaging and paper, has launched Hug & Hold, a recyclable, paper-based solution to replace plastic shrink wrap for PET bottle bundle packs.

  • Mondi has created a paper packaging solution to wrap and transport PET beverage bottles, replacing plastic shrink wrap.
  • Hug & Hold is a recyclable 100% paper-based solution, comprising two elements: a kraft paper sleeve and a corrugated clip.
  • Innovative solution devised in-house by Mondi’s specialist teams and has been validated for automated packing processes.

FMCG brands, including beverage producers, aim to reduce their use of unnecessary plastic. These aims are matched by consumer expectations, with global consumers looking for less plastic when purchasing product. Mondi’s new Hug & Hold solution is therefore timely, meeting the sustainability needs of brands and their customers.

Hug & Hold comprises two elements that provide secure and safe transportation as well as stacking of bundles of bottled drinks. The first element is a patent-pending sleeve made of 100% kraft paper that wraps around the bottles to hold them securely. Made from Advantage SpringPack Plus, it offers high tensile strength and can withstand enough weight to strap and stabilise the bottles during transportation. The second element is a corrugated clip which holds the bottles around the neck. An optional integrated handle means a bundle of bottles can be carried and transported easily. Simple separation of single bottles from the pack by the consumer or retail staff adds to the convenience of the design.

With Hug & Hold, Mondi is the first to manufacture and market a complete concept, providing a strong and stable solution that is made from renewable and fully recyclable materials, suitable for existing paper waste streams throughout Europe. The team worked with Krones, a global acting specialist in packaging automation technology, to ensure that Hug&Hold can pack bottles in a fully automated process with the latest Krones’ machines. Krones further offers options to upgrade its existing machinery enabling an easy switch to Hug&Hold as a sustainable alternative.

Silvia Hanzelova, Sales Director Specialty Kraft Paper at Mondi, says: “Leveraging Mondi’s team of kraft paper and corrugated specialists, we were able to develop a fully paper-based solution with minimal material usage. Following thorough testing with Krones and a global beverage brand, Hug&Hold has been confirmed in terms of runnability and viability.”

The evolution of secondary transport packaging is just what the global drinks industry needs as it looks to the future. A sustainable, functional and fully automated alternative to plastic shrink wrap means that brand owners can safely switch to a recyclable paper-based packaging solution, without any risk to their product or logistics”, Tarik Aniba, Sales & Marketing Director Corrugated Solutions at Mondi.

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