PCF Maintenance bv/PCF Asia bv: The leading designers and producers of cleaning and cutting equipment for the paper, board, tissue and pulp industry worldwide

An exclusive interview from Mr. Ludo Fransen, Founder, PCF Maintenance BV

PCF Maintenance BV, a known name in the pulp & paper industry who has five sales offices, approx. 20 agencies and six service offices worldwide to give after sales support to their customers worldwide.

Paper Desk : Could you explain about PCF Maintenance BV and its operations in India?

Ludo Fransen : PCF Maintenance bv was founded in 2008 by me as a maintenance and service company for the paper-, board and tissue industry. Now, almost 15 years later, PCF Maintenance bv/PCF Asia bv is one of the leading designers and producers of cleaning and cutting equipment for the paper, board, tissue and pulp industry worldwide, with headoffice in Meerssen, The Netherlands, sales offices in Ukraine, Thailand, China and Indonesia and approx.20 agencies all over the world.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

​​​​​​​LF : We are a professional organization, staffed by highly motivated people, with a high level of expertise, a great deal of experience and are working for various leading papermills worldwide.

PD : Your basic and premium products for the current paper industry?

LF : We are manufacturing dryerfabric cleaners, forming fabric cleaners, dryerfabric cleaners, Tail Cutters, Tail & Deckle Cutters for wet section, Tail Cutter, Tail & Deckle Cutters for dryer section with HP waterneedlejets or rotating knife, passivation systems, roll cleaners, oscillators and TAD cleaners for the tissue industry.

PD : How water consumption is less while using your Forming Fabric cleaner?

LF : Our Forming Fabric and Press felt cleaners replace the existing oscillating showers. Oscillating showers have more nozzles, different waterpressure, bigger nozzle orifice and different distance between nozzles and felt than our PCF PF and FF Cleaners. Our forming fabric and press felts are continuous operating traversing cleaningheads over the total width of

your forming fabric or press felt Its also possible to exchange the nozzles during production and to have extra stroke and edge cleaning to have a much better and equal cleaning of your press felts and forming fabrics.

PD : What are all the advantages of your PCF Dryer Fabric cleaner?

LF : These advantages are;

  • Increasing production efficiency by less paperbreaks and holes in the papersheet. 
  • Increasing CFM value
  • Increasing dryer fabric lifetime
  • less contaminants on guide rolls
  • decreasing cleaning shutdowns and cleaning time
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Increasing paper quality                                       

PD : What is the objective for your company to primarily focus on maintenance services for paper industry?

LF : With over 35 years professional experience in the paper industry we intend to provide first class service built upon following concepts:

    • All our equipment are very important for the paper production, this means all equipment has to function for 100%, so maintenance is very important
    • All equipment are designed for easy and less maintenance
    • Fast maintenance, technical service by our local mechanical/electrical engineers.

Our next step for the next month is to have a service office in India.

PD : Is your PCF Tail cutter vibration free?

LF : Not only our Tail Cutter is vibration free. All over equipment are very stable designed and manufactured by professional designers and workers.

PD : Do you have in-house laboratory and R&D facilities?

LF : Yes we have in our headoffice in Meerssen, The Netherlands.

PD : Do you carry-out AMC plans for paper mills in India?

LF : Not yet.

PD : Challenges you face in Indian Market?

LF : No, we do not face.

We have local service offices in Russia, China, European countries, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Brazil.

PD : What is your future target on market shares of current business?

LF : Our target is to increase our business during the next year without sacrificing quality and service. If we can realise this we reached our goal. We hope that our Indian agencies, Borderless Solutions and Papquip can assist us to reach this goal.

PD : How about your customer support activities and do you have team in each country?

LF : Worldwide we have five sales offices, approx. 20 agencies and six service offices worldwide to give after sales support to our customers worldwide.

PD : What about your current projects you are carrying out for Indian customers?

LF : On this moment we are manufacturing 2 (two) PCF Tail Cutters with HP water needle jets for dryer section in NR Agarwal Industries. We hope this reference can lead to open the market more for our company in India.

“We have our Indian agencies, Borderless Solutions and Papquip will assist our Indian customers”

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