SX-Roller Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. : Leading roll covering manufacturer who has adopted the world class roll cover technology and foreign professional equipment.

An Exclusive Interview with its General Manager – Mr. JD Chen, SXR Technology

Paper Desk : Could you explain us about SX Rollers?

JD Chen : SX-Roller is established in 2010 with an investment of more than 100 million RMB. The total production area of the plant is 10000 sqm, and currently we have about 80 employees.

Our company adopted World Class leading roll covering technology from Austria in 2013 and installed a state-of-the-art high-end roll covering casting machine from Europe. The raw material for the coverings is imported from the world-renowned manufactures of Europe.

We are providing rubber, PU, composite roll covering and services for the top paper making application.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

JDC : Our vision is to be a preferred Roll and Roll Covers Supplier globally with our focus on quality, customer service and matchless performance. And our mission is to attain leadership position in next five years and known for superb quality and reliability. We value business ethics and fair competition and consider our team as the best asset.

PD : What do you offer for the current paper industry?

JDC : Our scope of services are : Roll covering – High Performance Rubber, Poly Urethane, Composite. For PU covers, we deploy our own developed a very special PSA technology (patented).

Other Services : Journal Repair, Grinding, Balancing, New roll bodies, Spreader rolls, Segment rolls, rider rolls, spare parts, etc.

We offer paper machine rolls up to 11m Face Length and 1.8m Diameter. Our machines can handle the roll weight up to 80 tons. In technological excellence and engineering expertise, we compare and compete with the best in the world in this field.

PD : What is special about your technical other features of your facilities?

JDC : SX-Roller is a company with very high product positioning. Our work force consists of people who are considered experts in their area of operations and have been in this industry segment for long years. SXR draws its strength from the vast experience of technical experts that they accumulated from working with the best and renowned companies in this field.

Our product performances in Chinese Paper Mills that include some of most prestigious and the largest paper mills have matched and even surpassed the three biggest World Leading suppliers of our industry. SXR Press rolls and Size Press rolls performances in many big paper mills like APP, Stora Enso, Sun Paper, YFY, have outperformed and we take pride in the fact that we are now their preferred supplier.

We have also successfully supplied to a large number of paper mills rolls for different applications like Calendar Machines.

PD : Could you explain more about your PSA Technology used for PU rollers and how best is it compared to others?

JDC : First of all let me clarify that this technology, which is a polymer science, is not available with all the suppliers so far. To the best of our knowledge, similar technology is developed and used by only one other manufacturer. To give you a perspective this technology has eliminated delamination or peeling of PU layer from the roll surface and thus our PU covers render a much higher service life and trouble free. It is very interesting concept that enhances performance of PU covers dramatically.

PD : What are all other family rubber compounds you manufacture for paper mill rollers?

JDC : We have a complete Rubber cover product family where we have special compound for each application position of the paper machine from forming section to Winder section. Each compound is designed to suit the application needs. The Product Family name starts with Bio series for high-speed application and Eco Series for slower and older paper machine.

The difference is with the bonding strength, wear resistance and dynamic properties of the cover itself, and it is related to the compound and material used to make the rubber cover.

PD : May we know about geometric accuracies you provide for the rollers covered/manufactured by you?

JDC : Sure! We very well understand that our products have critical application and their accuracy to the finest levels is prime. That is the reason a lot of thought has gone into selection of machines and their accuracy.

Our investment both in machinery and setting up of stringent quality standards has paid us well. I can tell you that accuracies match with the best Industry standards.

PD : What kind of inspection formalities you conduct for your rollers before & after production?

JDC : YES, in terms of quality controls we have divided into raw material inspection and Process control. For the raw materials controls – We have a high standard lab equipments, the lab was set up and headed by foreign technician whom has over 30 years work experience in this work discipline.

In Summary – we have Five QC Check points :

1. Raw Material Control – Only purchase from Qualified Supplier.

2. Material Process Control – Lab Test to approve material to be used

3. Roll Body inspection – Incoming inspection

4. Production Process Control – subsequent inspect precedent steps

5. Outgoing Inspection – Lab Test + Machine Data + Manual measurement

And we will provide an inspection quality report for all rolls or roll covers that we delivery to our customers.

PD : Do you offer regrinding and regrooving services to your paper mill customers?

JDC : Yes, we do.

PD : Who are all your major customers and OEM you have supplied?

JDC : Andritz, APP, Stora Enso, YFY paper, International Paper and Sun Paper, Leeman, Nine Dragon, Huatai Paper, Asia Symbol Paper, ShanYing Paper group, etc.

PD : What are your other markets?

JDC : Other than China, we have been serving our overseas customers since 2013, mainly started from South east Asian countries like Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand, and later Expanded to Vietnam, Taiwan and now India.

I shall like to especially mention in India our objective is provide customers here highest price to performance ratio of Rolls and Covers.

PD : Industry barriers and challenges you face in Indian Market ?

JDC : India is an interesting market for us that is reasonably large and has a high growth potential. We are new to this market and like any other market it poses certain challenges.

But we are confident that supported by our latest technology and excellent product quality along-with competent representation, we shall penetrate into Indian Paper Mills in a short time. So we believe any barriers or any challenges will be solved eventually.

PD : How does your company contribute to the society?

JDC : We are a relatively very young company but we are still very much aware of our obligations as human beings. It has been our endeavour to reduce carbon footprints substantially. Here again, we are very proud that we are a front runner. As we grow, we certainly have some plans in the areas of plantation and education for the poor in coming times.


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