BrandsMart Packaging Group, to enter into wooden supply for pulp production

An exclusive interview with Mr.Venkat.M.R, Director, BrandsMart Packaging Group.



Paper Desk : Please tell us about your organization

Venkat.M.R : We BrandsMart Packaging Group, is basically a packaging manufacturer based in India and having offices in three countries to handle international enquiries. We are into Paper packaging (Carton boxes & boards), Flexible packaging (LDPE stretch & pouches) and wooden packaging (Wooden pallets & crates). We have just started a division to deal with wooden chips both softwood & hardwood for pulp manufacturing.

PDK : What is your market share in India?

MRV : We can’t work by market share at current market conditions considered, but we are continuing as one of the leading suppliers those who make good quality products in the market.

PDK : What is the idea behind to start a division for wood supply to pulp industry?

MRV : We are in the industry for more than 2 decades and could see very often the unavailability of wooden raw-materials to manufacture pulp. It was easy for us to plan & initiate for a new division since we are already dealing with wooden products. Wooden chips either softwood or hardwood in any desired size, can be supplied by us.

PDK : Are these Indian or Imported wood you deal with?

MRV : Actually hardwood is available in India, we process and supply well-selected jungle wood & even rubber wood for making hardwood pulp. Softwood like pine wood is imported from New Zealand & Russian sub-continents. Quality of these imported pinewoods are absolutely at high level. 

PDK : Is rubber wood recommended for pulp production?

MRV : Rubber wood is being grown in more than seven lacks hectare in India. But farmers do not get sufficient market due to decline in rubber prices, reduced returns and high labor costs. But rubber wood may be a better choice for pulping, based on this study and other existing information, scientists are confident they can manipulate wood traits suited to for pulp and paper production. Fibre length, however, is an important criterion for pulp and paper production. As factors like flexibility coefficient and the Rankle ratio in rubber wood have good heritable nature, we can definitely work on it. Nothing wrong in trying a new thing with available resources to find an alternative, is my personal view.

PDK : In that case, there are many rubber wood suppliers around, can customers procure from them?

MRV : If you do so, It is only a wood you procure from a common supplier. All suppliers are not specialized. The supplier should have knowledge at least on what he sells and is it a right product with required specs?. We procure quality logs directly from forest owners & primary contractors. Grown Length, Diameter, Density, Strength of the logs to be chosen carefully to get good fiber and also it requires few chemical treatments before chipping as per the recommended standards to ensure the durability & termite free skin.

PDK : What are your targeted market for this product?

MRV : We are here to serve the customers whether they are in India or Europe or China. Hence there is no fixed market for us and we want to export it in a good number & reach all corners of our globe. Also it purely depends on our capacity and supply power. We will try to build up these requirements subsequently to meet out the demand.

PDK : How will your organization benefit your customers?

MRV : We understand that being a supplier in a current competitive market conditions, customers has many choice to chose their suppliers. But only very few suppliers are standing for a longer time with customers, which happens only because of  their best customer services along with consistent quality. The customers are traveling with suppliers for a long while, only when you assure both of these. Hence we understand our customers needs better and always serve them to their satisfaction as much as possible.

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