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An exclusive interview from Mr. Abiali Jani, Director – Jani Sales Private Ltd.

Paper Desk : Could you let us know the history of Jani Sales?

Abiali Jani : Journey started in 1979 with a small paper trading unit. As time progressed business began to flourish and eventually organization became authorised wholesale dealers of the paper giant ITC limited (paper boards & specialty papers division) India.

More than 40 years of experience has allowed jani sales to develop the necessary know-how and technology to create quality products that satisfy customer requirements and respect the environment.

Today we are one of India’s largest producers of M G paper for packaging and tissue products. Our paper manufacturing plant is in Sarigam, Gujarat, India.

We have grown into a global business with operations across India with an annual combined paper, packaging product and trading capacity of over 100,000 tons per annum. Today, Jani sales markets its products in more than 10 countries across 4 continents.

PD : Jani Sales has any impressive business policies & principles?

AJ : The company’s vision is to provide the right product to the market. Our aim is to be a world-class industrial paper manufacturing company that generates value and quality through responsible recycling and sustainable manufacturing. Something we strive to integrate into our every action.

Real value doesn’t come from a supplier. It comes from a partner.

We are more than your paper supplier: We are partners that provide you with a competitive advantage, a team that consistently delivers high-quality, superior services, someone that fuels innovation to foster real, sustainable growth.

Technology has paved the path to newer opportunities, and we plan on grabbing every single one of them. With plans for changes and expansion in future, we are more driven than ever to be working towards a bigger, brighter, and more brilliant Jani sales.

We believe that there is no place for failure when you truly know and understand your client and offer your all to create a memorable experience for them.

Jani sales’s culture is to ensure that we pursue respect and care for our employees, customers, and the community. Protecting the environment and assuring safety are key aspects of our activities.

PD : May we know about your success formula to be one of the leading companies of the Industry for more than 40 years?

AJ : The use of technology is very relevant in today’s time as if you are not equipped with the same; it is very difficult to deliver a world-class product. For which we are constantly upgrading our systems and network wherever required.

PD : What type of papers you manufacture for Paper Industry?

AJ : We are manufacturing company and trading house, producers of high-quality M G Kraft papers, M G Tissues and M G Poster.

PD : May we know technical features of your manufacturing?:

AJ : 4.2 meter wide deckle of machine and speed of machine is designed at 900 m/min. This unit produces M G Kraft Paper, M G Poster and M G Tissue on single machine with 17 to 85 GSM range.

The commercial features of our manufacturing: we have deployed the best machine and equipments for getting highest quality standards of paper. We have a perfect combination of mixes of products, where we can manufacture 100% virgin products, 100% recycled products and a mix of recycled and virgin products as well.

PD : What is the reason behind of manufacturing special application papers?

AJ : Recognizing the lack of sustainable paper solutions in the market and the urgent need for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional paper products, we decided to develop scientifically backed solutions that fill the gap in the market. It further brings into action our company values of sustainability and creating environmentally conscious products.

PD : Do you supply food grade certified papers?

AJ : Yes. We do produce and supply food grade certified papers.

PD : Please do let us know about your M G Soft Crepe Tissue papers.

AJ : Our standard tissue paper for converters (that allows multiple configuration options: number of layers [1 or 2]), grammage (from 17 to 48 g/m2), and colour (white, blue or brown). Jani Sales manufactures quality Tissues in Jumbo Rolls. These are used by other manufacturers who convert the tissue into a complete range of household and consumer products such as kitchen towels, toilet rolls and serviettes. Features are as below:

  • Excellent Brightness
  • 100% Recycled
  • Natural Look and Feel

Applications for M G Soft Crepe Tissue

  • Paper Napkins
  • Toilet Rolls
  • Paper Towels – Kitchen Towel, M Fold, C Fold etc.
  • Pocket Tissues
  • Food Grade Certified

PD : Any reasons for trading of other brands papers even though you are also one of the manufacturers?

AJ : With its presence in the western and northern regions of India, Jani sales began as a trading firm in 1979 and is still extremely active in the same field today. They are the biggest converters in India offering virgin and recycled grades for packaging. Its chief asset is Mr. Saifee Jani, Chairman of the organization and the group’s visionary.

PD : What are the other companies in your group?

AJ : Our other company Paper Link International deals in exports of recycled grades, virgin grades, and Kraft Paper as well. We supply all across the Middle East and cater to a wide range of customers. Paper link also supplies Secondary fibre to mills in India and Far East.

PD : Your future target on market shares

AJ : The future of paper is bright; there has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of using paper, and with increasing urbanization, many applications and products require the use of paper.

E-commerce has also played an important role in driving the growth of the paper industry. Jani Sales’ future IS currently in a good position with the products they supply and would like to grow in a similar field.

PD : What are your business expansions plan?

AJ : Our expansion plan is to increase the existing production capacity, are in the pipe line. And our future business plan is to setup export oriented unit (EOU).

PD : What is your fair idea on future Indian paper industry’s growth & potential?

AJ : With a boom in the E Commerce industry a lot of segment and product shift is taking place. A lot is being packed and sold and I feel E commerce will be the biggest contributor to the Paper trade as it involves smallest to largest packaging involved in every manner. Also due to the make in INDIA initiative there is a lot of manufacturing shift in the country which will add to the growth. Also due to environmental factor the government taking various initiatives like the Plastic Ban etc will give lot of opportunities in the packaging Industry.

PD : What about Jani sales’s social responsibilities?

AJ : We pursue respect and care for our employees, customers, the community and all our stakeholders. Protecting the environment by producing 100% recycled products and assuring safety are key aspects of our activities.

PD : How does your company contribute to the society?

AJ : We ALWAYS KEEP certain annual budget for: poor patients, child education, old age homes, etc.

We had organized free COVID-vaccination for our factory staff and workers.

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