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Interview with Mr.Y.K.Mishra, President, PAPTEQ

Paper Desk : Could you introduce your company?

Y.K.Mishra : PAPTEQ is Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of new and used Paper and Pulp Machinery. PAPTEQ is one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing innovative and custom made industrial products, Papteq is India’s reputed manufacturer and exporter of industrial machines and fabrications. We are complete service provider as we offer service like instrumentation and automation inc. Our production unit forms the backbone of all our manufacturing activities and gives us the competitive edge.

Equipped with sophisticated equipment and most advanced technologies, it enables us to manufacture products and complete our fabrication works as per the international standards. We had established our-self as one of the biggest manufacturers, exporter and traders of new paper and pulp mill machinery.

PK : What do you follow as your Company’s principles?

YKM : We have more than 25 years of experience in our Industry taught us a lot. We have our company principles such as Exceed customer expectations, Strict code of business, Strict quality control.

PK : Why customers should chose Papteq?

YKM : Trust, honesty and customer satisfaction are our number one priority. Our experience gives us a high degree of flexibility thus enabling us to produce a complete range of pulp and paper machinery to customer satisfaction. We always have stock of paper mill machinery, board mill machinery and pulp machinery and equipment with us.

PK : How is your current & future market?

YKM : Our market is good in India. We have customers from north to south & east to west in our country. We have provided our machinery in all directions of India. We also do not face any hurdles in Indian Market so far. Our target is actually to capture the used paper and pulp market worldwide.

We supply all types of pulp & paper machinery, right from pulper to rewinder in good quality along with affordable prices. Hence we we would like to export our machinery to other countries also soon.

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