Zalani Paper Mart, 62 years old third generation company stands tall in the market

An Exclusive Interview with its Managing Partner Mr.Dushyant Zalani

Since the year 1960, Zalani Paper Mart is a leading brand in refurbishing the damaged papers and other such products to produce a rich quality Paper and Packaging material. Administered under Mr. Chandrakant Zalani, This company was initiated by his Father Late Mr. Dhanji Natha Zalani.

Paper desk : Please explain us about your Zalani Paper Mart

Dushyant Zalani : Zalani Paper Mart is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company,a Manufacturer of 2/3/4 Ply Paper Laminates & Indentor of all kind of Papers & Plastics from USA/Europe/Australia. We are a 62 years old third generation company having its head office in Mumbai and factory at Kandla Special Economic Zone,Kutch,Gujarat.

With the experience of decades today we indent around 1500 tons of papers/plastics monthly and our manufacturing facility produces 300 tons monthly of hi-quality 2 & 3 ply paper laminates which are 100 % exported to Europe,Middle East & Africa.

With over 22,000 Sq Ft manufacturing facility at KASEZ and a vision to meet all international standard & facilities for innovative working, using the state of art machinery and food grade papers we are glad that our international buyers are happy with the quality and service we provide.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision?

DZ : with being an industry leader in paper trading and indenting for last 62 years we are now working towards establishing a renowned name in the manufacturing sector of paper and film laminates, providing best quality laminates is our goal and we are doing our very best for the same by providing best quality food grade paper and polymers and also working towards switching to more sustainable options in near future for environment.

PD : We heard Zalani paper mart has a long history and could you say us about that?

DZ : Forged by the ingenious Mr. Dhanji Natha Zalani in the year of 1960, The Company Zalani Paper Mart started the business by collecting exhausted packaging materials in all forms, shapes and size to convert them to consumable grades. Zalani Paper Mart can be known as the pioneer of this conversion business, as they initiated it, at very small scale, now their roots are outgrown to foreign nations too. We constantly keep a track on consumers need and alter their productions.

Administered under Mr. Chandrakant Zalani, who joined this family business at the tender age of 16, he whirled the company, not only improved quality of products but extended the business. The business had compelling potential, Owners determined to set new heights for it. After the demise of Mr. Dhanji Natha Zalani, the founder, more human assets from the family joined this venture; we worked fervently which resulted in massive changes in the already booming business as we became premium traders of such Papers and Plastic Grades.

Trading house acquiring assets and business assets in the industrial towns, encompassing India. This company not only had enjoyed the patronage of most of the Indian Companies but also had the business links with quite a few International Companies as well. Like all business, Zalani Paper Mart also saw diversification after having established the Parent Company and making it sufficient and profitable.

To strengthen the roots of Parent Company, ZPM Kandla, a subsidiary Company to Zalani Paper Mart was formed in the year 2008. The new arm saw exclusive markets being tapped with a product turnover of 7000- 8000 Mts. tons annually on its own stream.

Hastily evolving, this company too, accomplished to cultivate business overseas. We successfully established a brand within USA, Canadian boundaries along with having business associates in the European countries.

Zalani Paper Mart have also started providing Logistics services for their products Zalani’s logistics capabilities accomplishes the needs of suppliers as well as customers. We integrate these services according to the types of grades we refurbish.

PD : How do you describe about your technical and commercial features of your production facilities.

DZ : Being an ISO 2015:9001 company, we focus on major aspect of quality control and also in process to certify ISO 22000:2018 which will guarantee our food safety prospects. Apart from the certifications, we have high speed slitting units, sheeter and extrusion coating machines to cater to all needs of customers from smaller reels like 40 mm up to 1500 mm.

Our extrusion machine is one of the very few units in India having a running width of 1500 mm vs others of 900 & 1300 mm giving customers options to buy big widths.

PD : How is your market in India & its growth?

DZ : Our Trading & Indenting business spans from south to north of India and working with over 700 customers and still growing, our sez unit is 100 % exporting for now but soon we shall be expanding to a new factory outside the free zone to serve the local demands with growing need for packaging papers which we produce.

PD : What are your other overseas markets?

DZ : Apart from Indian market,we export to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Bangladesh, SriLanka, United Kingdom, Canada, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, etc., apart from exports, we have sales offices in UAE & USA.

PD : May we know your plan on future business expansion?

DZ : We are always working on innovation and expansions within our existing areas and also working towards spreading our business to becoming a full fledged flexible packaging company in the next 5 years with concentrating on FMCG & Industrial industries.

PD : What kind of basic & premium products you supply for current market?

DZ : Zalani Paper mart is the pioneer in the conversion of exhausted papers and other such materials. We use state of the art facilities by refurbishing and converting the damaged paper into usable good quality packaging papers.

Trading & Indenting – All Corrugating Grades, Bags, Krafts, FBB Boards, White Grades, BOPP Films, Polyester Films, LDPE Films etc.

SEZ Unit – MGBK + PE, C1S + PE, Virgin / Non Virgin + PE, MGBK + PE + Alufoil, Kraft + PE + Alufoil and many other custom made 2-3 ply paper laminates.

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