Scan Machineries : Specialized in providing customers, the customized solutions

An Interview with its Executive Director Mr.Vinod Nargunam and Works Director Mr. Christy Selvan

Scan Machineries Pvt ltd., one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Pulp and Paper Mill machinery and undertakes Turnkey Paper Mill Projects all over the globe. Specialized in providing customers with customized, sustainable energy, cost-effective solutions using state-of-the-art technology.

Paper desk : Please explain us about your Scan Machineries & its operations in India

Vinod Nargunam : Scan Machineries was established in 1989 catering specifically to Paper Industry and is located at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We engineer, design and manufacture complete Paper Machine production lines and undertake Turnkey Paper Mill Projects for our customers located all over the globe.

PD: What are your products and range? (Own)

Christy Selvan : We engineer, design and manufacture complete Paper Machine production lines and undertake Turnkey Paper Mill Projects all over the globe.

Our product range consists of Complete Paper Machines for Kraft, Writing and Printing, Newsprint, Speciality Papers and Board for Packaging Grades. We design and manufacture Hydraulic Jet Headboxes, Rectifier Roll Jet Headboxes, High Speed Paper Machine Winders and Rewinders, Paper Machine Sections for Wire Part, Press Sections, Drying Sections, Coating and Calendering Sections and Pope Reel Transfer Sections. Apart from that, we also do Rebuilds of exsisting Paper Machines and components.

PD: What are your basic & premium products for current market?

VN : There is no such basic product when it comes to Scan Machineries. All of our products are assembled and tested in our Factory before sending it to our Customers. A lot of engineering also goes into play when it comes to our products. If our customer is buying our products or services, it is always going to be a Premium product and service.

PD: Could you explain Technical and commercial features of your facilities?

CS : We have a built up workshop area of 41000 Sq. Feet, a Separate assembly area of 14000 Sq. Feet to do complete pre assembly and is situated in our assembly bay right beside our machine hall bay.

Scan Machineries is located in Thudiyalur, Coimbatore and is well connected by Road Transport and is just 20 Kms distance from Coimbatore International Airport. The nearest Ports are Cochin, Chennai & Tuticorin. Coimbatore has always been a Hub of the Engineering Industry.

PD: Do you have any new product or project?

VN : We do have new exciting products and interesting projects coming up in our pipeline like Hydraulic Jet Headbox with European Technology, Fully Automated Pressurized Rectifier Roll Jet Headbox, High Speed Winder and Rewinder above 2000 mpm, Swimming Rolls, High Speed Paper Machine with complete close draw.

PD: How your Products are benefiting your customers?

CS : Our customers benefit extremely from our integrated value added product solutions that result in significant operational cost savings, machine run ability and consistent production and a premium quality of paper produced through our machinery for the target market.

PD: What are the Merits of your products?

VN : Our Paper Machines and components, our Turnkey Paper Mill Projects are all tailor-made with the state of the art technology to meet our specific customers’ needs. Our products and services have come into fruition through a lot of engineering and hardwork through which our customers are now profitable and provide them with further opportunities to invest and grow. All of Scan Machineries product range is carefully crafted with a lot of engineering put into the same making sure that we design and manufacture state of the art Paper Machinery for our valuable customers to produce paper of the highest quality with consistent production capability.

PD: What are your Challenges you face in the market?

VN : Currently the main challenge is to provide Paper Machinery at a very competitive cost as there are many competitors present in the Market.

PD: What is construction management?

CS : Construction management (CM) is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end.

PD: how Scan Machineries helps customers on this subject?

CS : Scan Machineries executes TurnKey Paper Mill Projects through Construction Management by well documentation of all the processes involved and going through the entire project in a systematic and consistent format right from the beginning to the end.

PD: Scan Machineries is India’s First wet lap pulp machine manufacturer and could you explain more about this?

CS : Scan Machineries had engineered, designed and manufactured a Complete Wet Lap Machine of 110 ADTPD Capacity for production of Pulp of Deinking Pulp to Seshasayee Paper and Boards, Tirunelveli Unit. We are the first in India to design and manufacture such a machine for the Indian Market and it has shown great potential for other Paper Mills looking to venture into production of pulp in the form of bales.

PD: What are your other markets?

VN : Scan Machineries has a strong presence in the African Region and is now venturing into Middle East and South American Regions.

PD: What are your future target on Market Shares or Business expansions?

VN : Further to improve our presence globally we are now closely working to enter into European markets.

PD: What is your long time goal in the industry?

VN : We have a strong Passion for Paper and our Goal is to become one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to the Paper and Pulp Industry.

PD: What is your mission & vision?

VN : Our Mission is to cater and serve our customers tailor made state of the art Paper Machinery according to their specific requirements and market demand. Our Vision is to become one of the go to companies for Paper Industry in the World impacting sustainability and green energy.

PD: What are your company’s principles?

VN : Scan Machineries principles is to provide technologically advanced Paper Machinery and establish Turnkey Paper Mill Projects for our customers all over the globe.

PD: What is your company’s culture & values given to your employees?

VN : Positive workplace culture in Scan Machineries inspires employees to achieve the very best in them and motivates them to learn and grow themselves daily. We always keep the employees in mind in taking critical decisive decisions and always find ways to increase knowledge for our employees.

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