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Interview with Mr.Amit Shah, Director of Amit Engineers.

Paper DESK : Who is Amit Engineers?

Amit Shah : We, AMIT ENGINEERS are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) serving the paper industry for more than 30 years. We manufacture complete Paper Machine & Equipments, Modification, Expansion as well as spares manufacturing and do the maintenance work also. At our workshop, we own all the engineering facility, to maintain dignity and ‘One stop shop’ motto and serve all our customers with full fledge facilities.

PD : What are your company’s mission & vision / Company’s principles?

AS : Vision: To be a leading global design, engineering & consulting organization, providing technology and innovative business solutions to our clients. Mission: To work towards ‘customer delight’ by harnessing best-in-class talent, creating a knowledge pool and implementing proven processes to become a preferred partner to our clients. Values: Benchmark to learn from superior role models, we always turn to the corporate values that we hold dear. We will live and deliver these values with uncompromising commitment to safety and sustainability. Principles: To provide engineering excellency with quality products and accuracy. We also do tend to serve the customer with complete after sales service and one stop shop solution.

PD : What is your premium selling product?

AS : Our premium selling product is Cylinder moulds for pressure former that are used in duplex board machines. Moreover online web cleaning system for sheet cutter is also one of our unique product which is served to duplex board machinery to remove the fluffs in the sheet cutter.

We also supply imported ceramic dewatering elements, pressurized head-box, dandy roll, slitter re-winder to the Indian paper mills. 

PD : Could you say about your technology used in your factory?

AS : We have full-fledged engineering facility with various types of automatized as well as conventional machines. We are equipped with imported machines that helps to achieve quality products with maximum accuracy with all types of measuring instruments.

PD : Any particular reason, why should customers chose Amit Engineers?

AS : We serve the Indian paper industry with products that satisfy the customer requirements. The products that we manufacture are customized as per the requirements of customer to suite their machine. The equipment manufactured by us are as per engineering standards with high end accuracy. Moreover we have team of experienced technical personnel who are serving paper industry with vast experience of more than 40 years.

PD : what is “Hi-Flo Thickener?”

AS : We have developed innovative product the new “HI-FLO Thickener” which is altogether different from conventional thickener – with perforated plate or with spiral wire winding on drum face. As the name goes the HI-FLO Thickener has been especially designed to have an open area of practically 200% more of the conventional thickener of same size. Open area of conventional thickener (with perforated plate) is approximately 40% while in HI-FLO thickener, effective open area is 83%.

The net benefits are more-output @ higher consistency. And; it means

  • More Production / Output
  • Saving Pulp Section running hours.
  • Saving Power

And; this all at a very low additional cost of our new HI-FLO Thickener.

PD : What is dynamic engineering & How does Amit Engineers support?

AS : Dynamic engineering according to us is to manufacture the products as per the changing trends of market and changing customer needs. Amit Engineers completely serve the customers fulfilling the dynamic engineering methodology as our complete production standards are as per customer’s requirements and needs.

PD : How do you see your challenges?

AS : The challenges which we face in this industry is the continuously increasing raw material price in the current scenario. Also it becomes difficult to sustain in the market with cut throat competition and low quality cheaper products available in the market.

PD : What about your after-sales-service?

AS : Yes We manufacture the products in a manner that dont require maintenance for long-term period. But, Yes we do take up maintenance jobs other than the new machinery manufacturing in-order to serve the customers with after sales service, One Stop Shop solution to completely eradicate the problems and worries faced by the customers with regards to maintenance of the paper machine.

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